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How to Choose a Safe Summer Camp for your Child

by Lisa Beauchamp Jul 29, 2019

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Before you make the final decision about which camp to select for your child to attend this summer, here are some tips for parents regarding the importance of checking camp standards.

Ideally, the camp operator should be at least 21 years of age and have two years’ experience working with children.

Staff must be at least 16 years of age and trained in CPR/first aid/child-minding.

There should be a maximum ratio of 10 children per supervisor for five to eight- year- olds and 12 children per supervisor for nine to 14-year-olds.

The location should be free of health and safety concerns, and have sufficient shade to protect children from direct sun exposure. Indoor and outdoor space must be provided. The indoor space must be no smaller than 25 square feet per child.

'kid and a kite'

Adequate sanitary accommodations should be available, including one flush toilet and one washbasin for every 15 children.

A fully stocked first aid box must be available at all times.

Adequate food storage or shelving (at least 10 inches above the floor) should be available, plus drinking water.

Activities must be age appropriate.

'tug of war'

Camp supervisors must have access to transport at all times in case of emergency.

If children are being transported, the number of children should not exceed the number of age-appropriate, safe seats in the vehicle.

Swimming and other water activities must take place in designated areas at stated times. A ratio of six children per staff (for children over five) is necessary for swimming. Staff must be strong swimmers.

Parents should feel comfortable about asking questions about these areas; your child’s safety is crucial.

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