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Design 101: Making Small Spaces Look Bigger

by Stephanie Koathes Aug 13, 2018

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Too Small Living Room Interior

If you live in a small place you know that it can feel crowded and cramped very easily. A few simple design tricks can help to open up even the tiniest of rooms, making the space feel airy and fresh.

Lighten up

Dark wall colours can make a room feel cosy but in small spaces dark colours are more of a hindrance than a help. To make a small room seem bigger, go for light colours on the walls and light-coloured tiles, wood or carpeting on the floors.

Be monochromatic

Choose fabrics and finishes in the same colour family to make the room feel cohesive, open and airy. If you have off-white walls for example, choose a slightly darker shade of white or pale grey on your trims.

Trendy open floor plan idea

Take advantage of your ceilings

Your small space doesn’t have to be all light greys or whites. A darker colour on the ceiling or fun fixtures draw the eyes upward, creating an illusion of height and space.

Avoid heavy fabrics

Heavy fabrics will make a room feel closed-in. Go for light-weight materials such as light linen curtains and gauzy fabrics that will let in light and help the room feel more open.

Embrace see-through

You can create the illusion of a larger room by using see-through materials such as glass where possible.. A clear, frameless glass shower enclosure can make a tiny bathroom look bigger. And glass table tops in the living room are functional but don’t take up much visual space.

Modern living room, sofa and coffee table

Go big

One large couch instead of multiple small pieces actually decreases the clutter and makes a small living room feel bigger.

Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light from doors and windows helping to make a room seem larger and they add dimension to the space.

Invest in multifunctional pieces

Go for pieces that serve more than one function in order to reduce the clutter that makes small spaces look even smaller. For example, invest in an ottoman with built-in storage to tuck away odds and ends or use a trunk as a coffee table. Multipurpose pieces help to streamline a room.

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