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Design 101: Tips for Setting Up Your First Place

by Stephanie Koathes Jan 21, 2019

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Are you moving in to your first place?

It’s an exciting milestone that can also leave you feeling majorly stressed. Settling in to your first place doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience if you keep these tips in mind.

• As soon as you know your move in date, organise to have your utilities turned on for that date. Don’t leave this until the last minute if you can avoid it as it can take some time to for some companies to schedule these services.

• Give the place a thorough cleaning before you move your belongings in.

• Get your internet set up before the move. Let’s face it, internet is vital these days and you likely won’t feel at home until your net is up and running.

• When first setting up your place, you’ll constantly be discovering little things you need. Keep a notebook somewhere central, next to the bed or the couch for example. The moment you discover something you need jot it down in the notebook to make a master list of things you need to buy. Organise the list in terms of priority items and carry it with you next time you head out shopping.

• Make sure that you move with the things you’ll need right away such as dishes, utensils, cookware, basic cleaning products and something to sit on.

• Don’t get carried away with the things you want for your place. Especially if you’re on a budget, make sure to get the essential items before you dive in to buying décor or other non-essentials.

• Take things one room at a time. It can be overwhelming if you think of everything you need to fix, change, or set up all at once. Work on arranging your place room-by-room.

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