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Four Key Points to Consider Before You Elope 

by Carolyn Lee Jul 29, 2019

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Some persons love a huge wedding, filled with familiar faces and celebration. Others want something more intimate and may opt for a smaller function. Then, there are a few who simply prefer to elope. 

Couples elope for different reasons. It may be for financial reasons, to avoid judgement or simply to avoid the challenges that often come with planning a big event. 

If you are considering eloping, this article is for you. We are sharing a few points that you need to keep in mind when planning to elope.  

Planning is still important: Once you’ve decided that you want to elope, some amount of planning is still required. Where are you planning to get married – a resort, at the courthouse, in a different country? Getting married has legal implications. Take care of the legal details. This is quite important if you plan to elope in another country; ensure that your union is legal. Other essential points to consider may include what you will wear, expenses, rings, how to celebrate after and of course, sharing the news with loved ones. 

Budgeting is still crucial: So, you’ve decided that you are eloping. You’ve decided on the format, location and worked out the key details. Throughout the process, you may realise that there is still some amount of expenditure involved. As such, budgeting is paramount. Some of your expenses may include travel (locally or internationally), refreshments, court fees or the officiant’s fee, the cost for the marriage license, outfits, hotel stay (if honeymooning), and so on. It helps to work out a few deals wherever you can in the process. 

Be prepared for friends and family’s reactions: Eloping is a very personal decision made by couples. Depending on the reason, some family and friends may feel slighted by the decision. Others may be more understanding. Be transparent with your loved ones, especially if they’ve always celebrated your relationship and had hopes of seeing you get married. It is recommended that you deliver the news in person, where you can gauge reactions and better share your reasons. Also, keep in mind that eloping may minimise the number of wedding gifts that you get. 

Celebrate! The fact that you eloped should not dim the happiness of your wedding day. Depending on your plans, you can still meet up with friends/loved ones after and have a great time. If you plan to elope in a foreign country, arrange to have your ceremony recorded (video and/or photographs). Take off with your love on a planned adventure that you will treasure. If you shared your elopement plans, check in with friends and family (video call or regular) once it’s done, so they can share in the moment. If not, send a marriage announcement to the people who knew that you were engaged. 

Eloping may have been viewed as taboo in the past, but today, it’s a welcomed option for many couples who have gone on to enjoy many years of love and happiness together! 


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