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Movie Watch-list: Netflix Movies That Left and New Ones You Should Check Out

by Carolyn Lee Sep 23, 2019

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Netflix has an impressive collection of films that include movies, shorts, television shows and documentaries.  

The platform has taken an innovative approach to providing viewers with a wealth of original shows that reflect diversity across genres in filmmaking. 

Over time, Netflix updates its catalogue. If you love catching up on films on the weekend, you may not have realised that some awesome shows have been removed from the platform. 

Don’t worry, here’s an update on what’s no longer on Netflix, along with a few new ones to make up for it. 

Five films that are no longer on Netflix. 

1. The Matrix (trilogy): The Matrix trilogy features Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishbourne in science fiction action-packed movies that explore a technological “take-over” long before it became the norm.  

2. Blood Diamond (2006): This political war thriller dissects the mining of diamonds in war zones, the diamond companies across the world and the repercussions of the diamond trade on the countries they are mined in. 

3. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997): World famous spy, James Bond, has been played by several actors. This film features Pierce Brosnan as the enigmatic agent.  

4. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991): Some of us grew up on this classic animated love tale. We especially love the soundtrack for this feature too!  

5. Law and Order Special Victims Unit – Season 18 (2016): This crime drama television series helped to propel countless actors’ careers. It also helped us to understand a lot more about the judicial system in New York. What a loss! 

Others: Baby Mama, Role Models and Body of Lies are also gone. 

New on Netflix:  

1. Shaft (2019): This is the 5th film in the Shaft film series. It’s raunchy, hilarious and filled with action-packed moments. Samuel Jackson reprises his role as Shaft nine years later like he never left. 

2. When They See Us (2019: This miniseries explores the lives of five adolescent boys who were wrongfully convicted in the Central Park Jogger case that captivated America in 1989. It is masterfully directed by Ava DuVernay and features stellar performances. 

3. Megamind (2010): This animated superhero comedy brings a lot of laughs. The cast list includes a lot of your favourite actors too! 

4. Taking Lives (2004): If you love psychological thrillers; this is one that you must see. Angelina Jolie stars alongside Ethan Hawke, delivering memorable moments and lots of intrigue.  

5. Orange is the New Black – Season 7: This dramatic comedy took the world by storm in 2013. Fans will be delighted that they can now binge watch season 7 to their heart’s content. 


There you have it. Netflix also has a robust catalogue of originals that are impressive to watch as well.  

A few that you can check out: What Happened to Monday, Murder Mystery, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World, Mute, Stranger Things, The Red Sea Diving Resort and When The Bough Breaks. 

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