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Quick Cooking: Three Fast Appetizers for Entertaining Guests

by Maia Muttoo Nov 4, 2019

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Having friends over can be more stressful than you anticipate. You have to clean, cook and find ways to keep your guests entertained.

Yello’s here to lessen that burden with three quick and easy appetizers that are ready in under 30 minutes.

Here’s what to serve at your next get together.

Pear and Goat Cheese Crostini

This classic canapé is like a cheese plate in a bite. With fruit, cheese, nuts, toasted bread and honey, this finger-food packs tons of balanced flavour and texture.

Check out Appetizer Addiction’s mouthwatering recipe; it only takes 20 minutes!

Prosciutto-wrapped Dates

Prosciutto-wrapped dates are the ultimate salty-meets-sweet snack. Take them to the next level by stuffing your dates with gorgonzola cheese for a burst of warmth and savoury flavour.

Tablespoon’s recipe takes only 15 minutes.

For a healthier option with a crunchier texture, replace the cheese with almonds and skip the honey-balsamic drizzle.

Zucchini Curls with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

This healthier twist on lox substitutes bread for thinly sliced zucchini (courgette). It’s light, fresh and makes a perfect accompaniment to tea or a glass of white wine. If zucchini isn’t your preference, you can use cucumber instead.

Give Good to Know’s 25-minute recipe a try.

There you have it! These three party snacks are sure to please your guests. The best part? They’ll be ready in a flash.

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