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Quick Cooking: Three Yummy Recipes using the Fruit of the Summer, Mango

by Maia Muttoo Aug 5, 2019

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Summer is mango season in the Caribbean. While these fruits are delicious on their own, they can also be used in a slew of quick but tasty recipes.

Here are three ways to eat mango this summer: one appetizer, one main and one dessert.

Appetizer: Mango Salsa

You may think savoury when you think salsa, but adding a hint of sweetness creates a mouthwatering Mexican-meets-Caribbean appetizer. With a subtle kick from jalapeños and the acidity of tomatoes, you’ll have the perfect combination of flavour elements once you add in a juicy, sweet mango.

Making homemade salsa is a breeze and only takes approximately 15 minutes!

Try out this recipe from Cookie and Kate, and serve it with your favourite tortilla or plantain chips.

Main: Prawn and Mango Tacos

Make every summer day taco Tuesday with prawn and mango tacos. Add mango to the bold flavours of jerk shrimp, the crunch of lettuce and the earthiness of black beans.

Try the BBC Good Food’s recipe, using dry rub jerk seasoning instead of paste if desired. You can also switch out the prawn for whatever fish is seasonal.

Dessert: Mango Chia Pudding

Try Vibrant Plate’s 10-minute recipe for this delicious layered dessert that combines mango, chia seeds, coconut and passionfruit. You’ll get the best of both textures: smoothness from the coconut milk and fruit, and crunch from the coconut flakes.

Chia seeds add extra fibre so you won’t feel quite so guilty.

Summer and mangos go hand in hand. With recipes this yummy and this quick, there’s no reason not to indulge in more of this Caribbean fruit!

Sources: BBC Good Food, Youth Incorporated, and Vibrant Plate.