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Staycation: Why Travel Abroad When You Already Live in Paradise?

by Carolyn Lee Aug 5, 2019

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Many of us have our bucket list of different places that we want to visit around the world. Some of us have had the good fortune of checking off a few of those places.  

We live in paradise, but only a few of us have taken staycations to explore our island homes. 

Let’s change that. 

Here are a few of the great reasons why a staycation is right for you. 

It’s financially smart 

Travelling to another country for a vacation requires budgeting and planning. It’s also potentially expensive. Expenses often include flights, hotel accommodations, foreign exchange, ground transportation, food and shopping. Plus, travelling abroad will cut into your vacation. Depending on the duration of your flight, there may also be jetlag, which minimises time as well. Can you imagine having your flight delayed too? 

At home: Budgeting and planning are essential; however, a staycation is less expensive. It allows you save on flight, food, hotel accommodations and ground transportation. You can use a private company for transportation if you really want to relax. You can have good friends drive you to the destination or simply drive yourself. There is no long wait at the airport, jetlag or foreign exchange. 

Fun Fact: You save time and money!


Our attractions are amazing  

Thousands of tourists flock to our islands throughout the year. They come for the sunshine, food, beaches, attractions, music and to be pampered. They explore places that are intended to help them relax and enjoy themselves. They take pictures and create new memories. 

At home: You can also be a tourist visiting a place for pleasure while on holiday. How many of the “tourist attractions” have you enjoyed in your own country? Wouldn’t it be nice to explore some of these places, be pampered and connect with your people? You can grab your camera, sunglasses and a beach bag and do the very same things – at home!  

Fun fact: You’ll also be putting money back into your own economy! 


Our hotels are fantastic 

Tourists love our hotels. Some of our hotels are specifically designed for optimum relaxation and luxury. Many hotels “returning guests” incentive programmes. International tourists love these amenities. There are world-class restaurants, spas, gyms, gift shops and pools. Conversely, some tourists opt for mid-range hotel stays, cottages and Airbnb type accommodations. 

At home: If you are serious about a staycation –get excited! We have many hotels, cottages, Airbnb and motels to choose from. Access to optimum relaxation and luxury can also be yours. Try this, budget as you would for an international vacation; then create a budget for a luxury staycation and compare the prices.  

Fun fact: Some of our hotels offer discounts to nationals.  


An intimate glimpse of our culture and people 

We’ve observed international tourists exploring our museums, heritage sites and cultural spaces. They try to learn our dances, accents and enjoy sampling our cuisine. They want to know more about our culture, and we show it off with pride. Many tourists document aspects of our culture and places that some of us aren’t very familiar with. It is new to them, and they capture the moments to share with others excitedly. 

At home: Yes, we know our culture, but have we really made time to enjoy it? Have we visited our museums and immersed ourselves in our own history? Have we gone to our heritage sites to explore how our ancestors lived? Have we eaten from our countrymen in other parts of the country, listened to the differences in our accents, or observed the different ways that they do things? We are proud to show off who we are and what we have, but are we truly embracing it?  

Fun fact: There are discounts for nationals at many of our museums and other attractions.  


Exploring the many exciting places at home gives us opportunities that many tourists have taken advantage of. A staycation allows us to save money, be pampered and fall in love all over again with where we live! 

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