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6 Tips to Nail Your Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaign

by Yello Nov 11, 2019

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The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s the time when most businesses try to capitalize with a holiday-themed promotion. While a digital marketing campaign that incorporates various facets of online marketing, such as email marketing, display campaigns, social media, etc. is ideal, some businesses are limited by budget and so prefer to focus on one aspect.

Social media marketing campaigns are always a cost-effective option that when successfully executed, can yield impressive results. Here are six tips to nail your holiday social media marketing campaign.

  • Have a Clear Goal – Seems obvious enough but surprisingly, some businesses still approach social media marketing campaigns with the mind-set of simply doing a promotion on their social media platforms, with no clearly identified goal in mind. Doing a social media marketing campaign for the holiday season is not a goal. Wanting to increase social media followers and engagement by 20% and 15% respectively, is a goal. Therefore, the first and most important step for your holiday season social media marketing campaign is to establish your goal or goals.
  • Think Storytelling & Have a Theme – Having a clearly identified goal in mind will also help one better craft a theme and by that token, a story for their promotion. Storytelling is one of the most effective elements of good content marketing, with research suggesting that 70% of humans retain information via storytelling versus 10% via data and statistics. Establish a theme for your holiday promotion and create content that tells a story within this theme.
  • Solve Common Holiday Problems – Many businesses still often make the mistake of focusing on what they think will “wow” the customer the most, versus focusing on learning what the customer may genuinely want. Basically, businesses sometimes forget to think like the customer. Often, the most successful and effective campaigns are built around solving the most common customer problems. So rather than thinking “how do we wow”, for this year’s holiday social media campaign, think, “what are some of the most common problems we all have during the holiday season” and find a way to incorporate that into your product and service offerings.
  • Perfect Time for Remarketing – Let’s face it, the holiday season is heavily cluttered in the world of advertising. Because so many businesses and brands are all trying to grab individuals’ attention. That is why it’s a perfect time to implement a remarketing strategy. The benefit of remarketing is that you’re targeting individuals who have already shown interest in your business or brand, at least once before. And if you got their attention once before, it’s much easier to do so again, versus gaining the eyeballs of someone who’s never heard of you and convince them to buy immediately. The holiday season is a perfect time for a customer loyalty driven campaign.
  • Use Geo-Social & Push Notifications – Most are aware that in today’s world, one of the most effective ways to reach individuals is through their mobile devices. Thus, geo-social tactics and push notifications are a great way to target potential customers, particularly if your business has a brick and mortar store. The two are particularly effective during those micro-moments, where an individual has a need they would like solved quickly. And the holiday season is often a prime season for micro-moments. Consider how many individuals are often searching for last-minute presents, stocking stuffers, gifts for holiday parties, etc. Setting up push notifications announcing special discounts, sales, etc. is perfect for these moments. And geo-social tactics help target potential customers who are within your geographic vicinity.
  • Consider Niche Platforms like Pinterest – For the social media marketing conversation, most businesses are aware of the big players, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, even Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, there are many other platforms, such as Pinterest for example, that may be worth considering for your holiday social media campaign, particularly as they may not be as competitive as the other big social platforms. Pinterest has long been viewed as the ignored stepchild in the world of social media platforms. However, the platform currently boasts a very healthy 250 million monthly active users. More importantly, it’s a platform that allows brands to portray their products in a very visually appealing way. A major appeal for businesses and brands in the retail, travel, food, and drink, etc. industries.

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