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Barbados Removes Mask Mandate and Lifts COVID-19 Travel Protocols

by Karen Rollins Sep 23, 2022

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Mask wearing in Barbados is no longer mandatory and all COVID-19 travel protocols have been lifted from 23 September 2022, acting prime minister Santia Bradshaw has announced.

Ms Bradshaw outlined significant amendments to the island’s COVID-19 Directive during a press conference on Thursday 22 September, after Cabinet met to approve the changes.

She revealed that from now on mask wearing will be optional in general, with certain exceptions for healthcare facilities, educational institutions, public transport, and people who have the virus.

Ms Bradshaw said: “Mask wearing, however, remains mandatory for persons in nursing homes, private hospitals, and senior citizens’ homes; people in healthcare institutions including staff, visitors, clients, and patients; all institutions where medical and dental services are provided; persons in prison, including staff, prisoners, and visitors; staff and students at all educational institutions, all nurseries, and all daycare facilities for both children and adults; and of course, persons who have COVID-19, as well as persons who are travelling on public service vehicles.”

The acting prime minister also announced that vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers will no longer have to test for COVID-19 before entering Barbados.

Ms Bradshaw told the public that lifting travel restrictions was bringing Barbados in line with “95% of the countries in the Western Hemisphere”.

But she asked citizens to continue to be their “brother’s keeper” and act responsibly especially around the elderly and other vulnerable people.

She stated: “Individuals who are at increased risk for illness or death due to COVID-19, particularly the elderly and those with health conditions, may find it prudent to continue wearing masks around others. Similarly, those who come into close contact with such vulnerable persons, you are encouraged to wear masks and to practise good hand and respiratory hygiene.”

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