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Exploring Barbados: The Morgan Lewis Windmill

by Karen Rollins Mar 11, 2019

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The Morgan Lewis Mill in Barbados - on tropical caribbean island - was the last working mill on the island and was believed to be built in 1727. Travel destination on island.

The Morgan Lewis Windmill in the northern parish of St Andrew, is the largest and only complete sugar windmill still standing in the Caribbean.

The mill, which was built in the early 1700s and was operational until approximately 1947, was one of the longest running sugar mills in the region and, is now, also one of the best preserved.

In 1962, the mill was given to the Barbados National Trust by its owner Egbert L. Bannister for preservation as a museum, and since then up to $800,000 (BBD) has been spent restoring it as part of the island’s unique history.

Morgan Lewis overlooks the eastern coastline of Barbados and the Scotland District, and is set in beautifully landscaped grounds which provide a 360-degree view of the historic mill.

The site was recently reopened as a full-time visitor attraction. Inside the mill there’s an exhibit of the equipment used to produce sugar at the time when the industry was solely run by wind power.

Visitors can choose to explore the interior of the mill on either a self-guided tour or a guided tour led by a local volunteer.

The Grind Artisan Cafe, next to the windmill, is run by Ralph and Leeann York and is a great place to grab a tasty snack or a drink while taking in the amazing views of the stunning east coast.

Visit the Barbados National Trust’s Facebook page for more information on the Morgan Lewis Windmill and other historic sites across the island.