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How to Plan a Holiday the Whole Family Will Love

by Karen Rollins May 29, 2023

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Family on holiday

Planning a holiday that the whole family will love might sound unrealistic.

But, if you follow these simple ‘how-to’ tips from Yello, your next family vacation may just be the best one you’ve ever had!

Choose the right destination

It may sound obvious but choosing the right destination will make or break your family holiday, so take your time to find a location that offers something for everyone.

If possible, try to take everyone’s likes into consideration, and go for somewhere that is a good compromise. For instance, if some of you like hot weather but others prefer the cold, choose a country where the weather is in between. If some of you prefer the city, but others like to explore the countryside, find a location that provides a suitable mixture of both.

You’ll also have to consider all possible accommodation options to suit your family’s needs and budget. When you have narrowed your choices down to a select few, we recommend checking online reviews before making a final booking.

Create a daily itinerary

The best way to make the most of any holiday is to plan a detailed and varied itinerary so that on at least one day of the vacation everyone gets to do something they enjoy. 

This may take some working out, but it’ll be worth it to ensure that while you are away there are no major family disagreements. 

The itinerary should be agreed on before you leave, but it must also be flexible enough to allow for changes in the weather or any other last-minute adjustments. It should also include rest days.

Plan your budget

Friction about holiday spending money can quickly cast a shadow over your time away, so try as hard as possible to save sufficient funds beforehand to ensure that you can cover all your expected (and unexpected) costs.

Calculate what you will have to spend on excursions, transport, food and drink and souvenirs, and allow for contingencies. 

If you have other adults in the group, you should discuss how you will split paying for meals, and other joint costs, so that there is no confusion, and you can all budget accordingly.

Manage your expectations

Most people find travelling with family a bit stressful, especially if you have very young children to consider as well. Try not to have unrealistic expectations about your vacation, which might lead to disappointment.

Plan, research, and prepare as much as possible, but accept that some things may not go as you wanted, and some minor arguments may happen. Don’t let these hiccups ruin the entire holiday! 

Spending time with family is a gift, and you deserve to have a fantastic time where you make lots of memories that will last forever.

Safe travels!

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