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Meet Miss Universe Barbados 2019 Delegate: Shaunice Griffith

by Karen Rollins Sep 4, 2019

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Over 80 contestants from around the world will compete in the upcoming 68th edition of the Miss Universe pageant, and attempt to win one of the most coveted international pageant titles.

Barbados’ search for its 2019 Miss Universe representative will come to an end on 7 September with a glamourous coronation ceremony at Hilton Barbados.

The delegates vying for the crown are; Alexandra, Hillary, Jillisa, Saffiyah, Beviny, Shanel, Kristen, Jeunessa, and Shaunice.

Yello has interviewed each contestant to discover more about them and to see why they feel they deserve to represent Barbados on a worldwide stage.


Name: Shaunice Griffith

Age: 20

Occupation: Studying criminology

Describe yourself in three words:

Ambitious; adventurous and purpose driven.

Do you have previous pageant experience?

I’ve been in five pageants.

My first pageant, Miss Foundation, was when I was 15. That was a journey because entering the pageant arena for the first time was exciting but nerve wracking. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but in a way that made it more fun, because I didn’t overthink the experience.

At 17 I won the title of Miss Holetown which was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I got to advocate for the youth, and it was a great responsibility, which I think I accomplished.

What have you been doing to prepare for the competition?


This competition has been tough for me because you have to deal with the pressures of life as well as managing your time properly.

Then there’s self-doubt and thoughts of ‘you can’t get this done’ or ‘you’re not going to be successful’, so dealing with all that is a lot to handle.

What are you enjoying the most about the experience so far?

My favourite thing so far would probably be the ‘I love me’ videos which gave us the opportunity to express ourselves in our natural surroundings. It was fun.

I also got a chance to highlight my First Love Yourself (FLY) campaign and it fitted with the song on the video which was about loving yourself.

Who has been your biggest supporter?

My mother.

She’s always asking me ‘have you done this?’ and making sure I get to rehearsals on time. She keeps me focused.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from this MUB experience?

It would be something MUB’s national director Brian Green told me, which was “never let anyone steal your purpose”.

He told me that during an emotional time when I was dealing with certain pressures especially from social media.

When he told me that, it made me think about how I respond to negativity and criticism, and how I shouldn’t act out of character, and possibly miss out on a good opportunity.

If you won the MUB title, how would you use the platform to help others?

My mission is to advocate for persons who experience bullying. Some people don’t understand how serious bullying is, whether it’s face-to-face or online, so I’d like to bring an awareness to that issue.

People never expect me to have insecurities, or self-doubt, or to be a victim of bullying but I get negative comments. It’s a daily process to filter out the negative energy and stay confident and strong inside.

I also want to speak for the youth because I think they need a strong voice representing them.

How would you describe Barbados to someone that hasn’t been here?

Barbados advertises as sun, sand and sea but there’s more to the island. We have a lot of historic value, such as the parliament building, which is one of the oldest in the world.

We also have culture, the rum industry, and our people are friendly and welcoming.

Barbados is a little paradise and we have a lot to offer.

Visit the Miss Universe Barbados website or Facebook page for more information.