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Upcoming Health and Wellness Retreats in the Caribbean

by Chantel DaCosta Apr 1, 2024

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Looking for yoga meditations on a secluded beach; holistic wellness centres offering traditional Caribbean spa treatments; mindful walks through lush rainforests; or opportunities to connect with nature’s healing power? Then, this article is for you!

From Barbados to Dominica to the Bahamas and Jamaica, Find Yello has curated a list of seven Caribbean wellness retreats in 2024 that you can plan for, and participate in. Let’s embrace a slower pace of life and disconnect and recharge.

Five Caribbean Wellness Retreats in 2024

Six-Day Health and Wellness Retreat, Jamaica

Embark on a health and wellness adventure in Montego Bay, Jamaica from 17-22 April 2024. This retreat will include explorative group hikes, unravelling the rich culture and history of the area.

You will enjoy Ying and Vinyasa yoga, that is fit for beginners.

Four-Day Luxury Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Barbados

This yoga retreat is four days of bliss. The fully staffed villa provides a private swimming pool, a fire pit for wellness talks and workshops, an on-site yoga studio, an outdoor BBQ deck and dining area. It promises to be an intimate experience. All meals are included. The retreat will be held from 29 August to 1 September 2024.

Three-Day Raw Vegan Course & Yoga Retreat in Antigua and Barbuda

Embark on an incredible culinary experience in Antigua and Barbuda. Each participant will learn about plant-based foods from the Caribbean. This vegan course will teach you how to make nutritious and delicious gourmet authentic vegan meals.

Eight-Day Inclusive Adventure Wellness Package, Dominica

Enjoy a blend of getting back into balance by exploring via Dominica adventures and slowing down for massages, yoga, and other wellness activities like herbal tea tastings. Meals are included in the package and cater to varied dietary needs, including dairy-free, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, organic, vegan, vegetarian and nut-allergy-friendly. Dominica is a lush wellness destination that has hidden treasures around every corner.

Five-Day Yoga Vacation at a Traditional Yoga Ashram, The Bahamas

Embark on a life-altering journey with daily yoga classes, delicious vegetarian meals, snorkelling, and plenty of time to relax in paradise.

You can choose from a variety of lodging options to suit your personal needs while enjoying all the learning opportunities available at the ashram.


From havens in Antigua to Jamaica’s north coast, the Caribbean is offering several unique wellness experiences in 2024. These retreats promise more than just a tropical escape. They invite you to reconnect with nature, rediscover your inner strength, and emerge feeling whole and renewed.

So, pack your swimsuit and swim trunks, your yoga mat, and an open mind. Remember, the journey to wellness is not a single destination but a continuous path. Let these retreats be a springboard to a lifetime of mindful living.

Use Find Yello to find travel agents, airlines, and accommodation for your wellness retreat in the Caribbean.

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