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Add These Four Caribbean Islands to Your Bucket List

by Carolyn Lee Jul 22, 2019

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Damir Bosnjak from Unsplash.
Photo by Damir Bosnjak from Unsplash.

The Caribbean is filled with amazing travel destinations. Some of the popular vacation destinations are known for their vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, spectacular beaches and tasteful getaways.  

Many of our sister islands are equally beautiful and provide a much-needed escape to relaxation, comfort and luxury.  

The following is a short list of these beautiful islands and what they have to offer. 


Hillsborough Bay, Carriacou. Photo by Deeferdiving.

Carriacou and Petite Martinique are a part of Grenada, the “Spice Island of the Caribbean”.  Carriacou is known as the “Land of the Reefs.” It boasts clear, shallow waters that are ideal for snorkelling. The original inhabitants are believed to be Caribs and Arawaks. Evidence of this is the discovery of pottery tools that date back to 1000AD.  

The island is rich with traditions that reflect the history of the space. From boat making to boat launching ceremonies, regattas to dances and feasts celebrating their history, there is much to discover and enjoy in Carriacou.   

Tip: Carriacou offers a laid-back vibe where you can create a masterpiece or simply do nothing at all. It may just be the place for you to work on your novel, catch up on some reading or dabble in painting. The choice is yours. 


Saba. Photo by Photocapy.

One of the things that make Saba amazing is its wholesome appeal. The island is located next to St Maarten and remains a friendly, welcoming and safe destination. Touted as the “Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean,” Saba is rich with lush vegetation and scenic beaches. One of its well-known features is the Mount Scenery volcano, which stands at 887 metres. There aren’t any franchises on the island. However, there are museums, galleries, dive sites and lots of places to hike!  

Tip: There is much to see and do in Saba. There are ecotourism opportunities, as well as a vibrant nightlife and lots of great activities to dive into. Mix things up to get a real taste of the island. 

Staniel Cay 

Staniel Cay. Photo by Asbl1996.

Many of the Islands of the Bahamas are popular among tourists. Staniel Cay is not one of them. It is one of the islands in the Exuma Cays chain. The island carries a very small population and is protected by the Bahamas National Trust. Travel to and from Staniel Cay can be done via a mailboat or flight.  

A popular feature of the island is the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, which was established in 1956. The Yacht Club’s facilities include an 18-slip marina, restaurant, bar, 14 bungalows and a 3,000-foot airstrip. 

This small, remote island is a wonderful escape to comfort, a bit of luxury and peace. 

Fun fact: Staniel Cay has been featured in two James Bond films, Thunderball (1965) and Never Say Never Again (1983). 

Canouan Island 

Shot of Mandarin Oriental exterior, Canouan. Photo by Pink Sands Club.

Some travellers are looking for a destination that allows them to bask in luxury. Canouan, a small island in St Vincent and the Grenadines, allows you to do just that. The island boasts stunning beaches and a high-end luxury estate that caters to your every need. 

Some fun things to do include passing the time at one of their gorgeous beaches, exploring the 19th century Anglican church, golfing at the world-class golf course or hiking to the top of Mount Royal for a breath-taking view of the landscape.  

Fun fact: Canouan was once called “Trump Island.” Today, the island is rebranding itself as a small private and unspoilt eco-friendly place for the super-wealthy. 

There are many other remote Caribbean islands with remarkable offerings. If you are looking for something a little different, we hope you will try one or more of the islands on this shortlist! 

Photo by Artem Beliaikin-Belart from Unsplash.


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