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Caribbean Edition: 10 Unusual Bucket List Ideas You Need to Add to Your List

by Carolyn Lee Sep 30, 2019

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When we think of bucket lists, we often think of exotic places to travel to, foods to try and other cool adventures. 

These are all great but imagine how exhilarating it could be to add some unusual experiences to your bucket list. 

We are ready to challenge you, with a few items that may be surprising but rewarding to add to your bucket list. 

Donkey Sanctuary. Photo credit: JACLOU-DL on pixabay.

Visit a donkey sanctuary in  Bonaire or Aruba. You also have the option to sponsor, adopt or to be a friend to a donkey! 

Blue Mountains, Jamaica. Photo credit: Culture Trip.

Hike to the top of a few mountains… because one just isn’t enough. Seriously. Head to St. Lucia and climb the Gros Piton. Enjoy majestic views from the Blue Mountain Peak in Jamaica. Other great options include Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic and Mount Liamuiga in St. Kitts. 

Nurse shark. Photo credit: Dr. Mathew Gilligan.

Go swimming with the Nurse sharks in the Bahamas. Don’t worry. It’s safe! 

Submarine Tour. Photo credit: Atlantis submarines Barbados.

Explore the deep blue sea with a submarine tour in BarbadosCayman or Aruba.  

Helicopter Tour. Photo credit: David Reed on Pixabay.

The view from the top can be exhilarating. Try a hot air balloon ride in Dominica. Enjoy helicopter tours are available in AntiguaJamaicaCaymanMontserrat and St. Lucia

Blue Hole, The Bahamas. Photo credit: Bahamas.com.

Go scuba diving in a blue hole or lagoon. Belize and The Bahamas have world-famous blue holes. The Blue Lagoon in Jamaica is also quite mesmerising to explore. 

CPR Demonstration. Photo credit: Unsplash.

Do something extraordinary. Get certified in CPR. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training can save lives.  

Caves. Photo credit: pixabay.

Go cave exploring in different countries. A few places to check out – Crystal Cave (Bermuda), Animal Flower Cave (Barbados), Cayman Crystal Caves (the Cayman Islands), Fontein Cave (Aruba), cave tubing (Belize) and the Conch Bar Caves (Turks and Caicos). 

Sea Trek includes persons with limited mobility. Photo credit: Sea Trek.

Walk underwater. Sign up for a sea trek in St. Maarten or the Bahamas. 

Dunn’s River Falls. Photo credit: Island Routes.

Check out some of the coolest waterfalls in Jamaica (YS Falls and Dunn’s River Falls), Haiti, Puerto Rico (La Mina Falls), Grenada (Concord Falls) and St. Lucia (Diamond Falls)! 

The Caribbean is rich with attractions, activities and new experiences for us to dive into. We are sure that once you begin to explore, you will find other unusual ideas that you can add to your bucket list.  

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