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Ladyville Highlights Foundation … Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

by Carolyn Lee Apr 22, 2024

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Mr Albert Magdaleno with his wife, Fiona. Photo credit: Deidra Griffith

Mr Albert Magdaleno, one of the directors of Ladyville Highlights Foundation, believes that divine intervention can transform lives, allowing us to serve others in ways that also help us. He credits God as the inspiration for the non-profit organisation he and his wife, Fiona, use to assist needy people.

The theme for our 2024 Yello Belize book focuses on providing everyday living tips and how-to guides aimed at helping others. We are pleased to feature the team at Ladyville Highlights Foundation on our cover, as their work is rooted in humanitarian efforts to create positive changes in the lives of the people they help.

The foundation uses its social media platforms to highlight struggling businesses and garner support with medical assistance for the sick and disabled. They also offer educational assistance to youths and single parents. Other services include help with personal effects and providing household items to people affected by fire or natural disasters.

The couple is from Belize City, but Mr Magdaleno spent over 18 years living in Ladyville. In early 2023, he resigned as a postman at the Belize Post Office to work with the foundation full-time. Mrs Magdaleno continues to work as a finance officer with the government of Belize while assisting her husband with the foundation’s operations.

 “I worked as a postman for 16 years, which allowed me to know many people. I often heard stories from people who needed assistance and wondered how I could help them,” he shares, “starting the foundation has allowed me to do that and fulfil my purpose.”

He explains that he was visiting the Holy Redeemer Church in Belize City when he received instructions from God on how to create the organisation, its name, and the directive not to include politics with his work.

Mrs Magdaleno takes inspiration from past personal experiences, her relationship with God, and a deep desire to help others.

“I experienced many challenges when I was younger and turned to God for help. Instead of using my pain to hurt others, I decided to help them. By helping, I focused less on my pain and received fulfilment,” she says, “when I met Albert, and he was doing the page, I encouraged him to make it bigger and better. So, my inspiration also comes from God.”

The organisation is supported by local and international donors allowing it to aid people locally and internationally. They also have a network of people helping each other, with many donors enjoying meaningful relationships with people they met through the organisation.

People can send direct messages to the Ladyville News Highlights Facebook page or WhatsApp (501-626-0570 or 501-623-1373) for assistance or to offer donor support. Before assisting, the founders use a vetting process that includes an interview, a home visit, and a background check.

We applaud the team at Ladyville Highlights Foundation and wish them continued success.