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Six Things That Will Motivate You to Visit the Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival This Year

by Carolyn Lee Feb 3, 2020

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Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival 2020.

Art, music, food and an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of others are just a few of the benefits that the Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival gives to patrons. 

The festival is in its 17th year and will be held on February 8 and 9. Activities begin at 10am and ends at 5pm. 

Held in Placencia, the festival is usually a treat for the entire family. 

If you are looking for motivation to attend this year, we are sharing some of the things that make the festival special. 

It’s easy to get there 

Taxi services, local operators and private tour companies can get you to Placencia with ease from anywhere in Belize. There are domestic flights from Belize City to the Placencia airport. There are also water taxis from nearby cayes. 

It markets Placencia as a tourist destination 

Placencia has evolved from a quaint fishing town into a popular tourist destination. It is home to one of the world’s smallest main streets and close to several attractions. 

The event allows for visitors to have a more intimate connection with the Belizean people and our culture. 

For the festival, the central sidewalk comes alive with colourful art and craft items, and plenty of opportunities to interact with the creatives behind the work. 

It promotes local talent  

The festival promotes the work of Belizean artists, artistes and artisans. It also helps them to network and to stay abreast of what is new in their industry. 

This platform also allows them to have financial gain from their work. 

It pours money into the economy 

It is a great way to put money into the economy as local business boom during the event days. Restaurants, bars, hotels, guesthouses and other businesses usually experience an increase in revenue. 

It’s a great way to enjoy Belizean entertainment 

Some of the activities to look forward to includes sip and paint for adults, a bouncy house for children and the Ixcacao chocolate making demo. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Ten, the Panerrifix Steel Band, and Persuaders. 

You can be as comfortable as you like 

Dress comfortably, bring cash and enjoy the displays and festivities. Don’t forget your sunblock and take your camera to capture fun memories. 

If you are ready to sample delicious Belizean cuisine, enjoy music and have your pick of some of the best artwork in Belize, don’t miss it! 

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