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Christmas Trees for the Cat Owner

by Maia Muttoo Nov 25, 2019

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You’ve spent hours selecting the perfect Christmas tree, transporting it home and decorating it. You put on the topper and step back to admire your work.

Out of nowhere, your cat springs through the air and into the branches, tangling itself in lights. You watch with horror as your Christmas masterpiece collapses, baubles smashing and rolling across the floor.

Your self-satisfied cat slinks away, leaving you to clean up the mess.

If you’re a cat owner, you probably know this story all too well. There’s just something about Christmas trees that cats can’t resist!

If you live with one or more of these feline grinches, you may want to consider alternative Christmas trees.

Here are five options that offer all the joy of the season, with none of the pet disasters.

Polaroid Christmas Tree

Image: Cewe Photoworld.

Adhere photos to your wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. For more magic, add string lights and a star at the top.

You can select images of your favourite 2019 memories or pictures of evergreens. If you don’t have a polaroid camera, try using mini frames for your photos instead.  

Table-top Book Tree

Image: Ken Cedeno, HGTV/Scripps Network, via HGTV.

Stack your library into a tree shape and decorate it with oversized-bulb string lights. Top the pyramid with a star. You can choose books in a specific colour scheme or mix and match.

Use hardcover books for a sturdier option.

Driftwood Tree

Image: Princess Polly.

Collect driftwood from the beach or find finished pieces at your local home store.

Mount the driftwood to your wall in parallel lines, going from a shorter width at the top to a fuller diameter at the bottom. Decorate with garlands, baubles or lights.

If you’re worried about damaging the wall by mounting the driftwood, you can attach the pieces with sturdy string and hang the tree instead.

Be sure to place it high enough up the wall that cats can’t reach any dangling strings!

Sheet music Tree

Image: Home BNC.

Print the sheet music of your favourite Christmas carols and adhere them to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Try looking for antique sheet music for a whimsical look.


Image via: Etsy.

Hang a wall tapestry of a Christmas tree. It’s that easy!

Add a garland or lights for more dimension.

Don’t let your feline friends ruin your festive season.

Try these beautiful alternatives that are just as jolly as traditional Christmas trees, but won’t risk a wreck!

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