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Five Dutch Treats for Celebrating Sinterklaas

by Maia Muttoo Nov 4, 2019

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In mid-November, Bonaire begins celebrating the arrival of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas). This festive time leads up to his feast day on 5 December, when children may receive sacks of presents from the man himself (only if they’ve been good of course!).

While there are many ways to enjoy the holiday, we recommend indulging in some delicious traditional treats.

Here are five Dutch snacks for the Sinterklaas season.


Image via Blue Band.

Pepernoten are small cookies traditionally made with aniseed and honey; they are slightly chewy and taste a bit like liquorice.

They are often distributed at festive public events like the annual Arrival of Sinterklaas.

Try The Spruce Eats’ has an easy recipe for pepernoten.  


Image via The Green Creator.

Kruidnoten may look and sound similar to pepernoten, but they taste completely different!

Kruidnoten are crispy, spiced cookies that are more similar in flavour to gingerbread. Unlike pepernoten, they do not include honey or aniseed. The typical spices used are ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon.

Check out The Spruce Eat’s recipe.


Image via Francesca Kookt.

Borstplaat is perhaps the sweetest treat you can find during the Sinterklaas season. After all, it’s made with only sugar, water and occasionally heavy cream!

The fondant candy is traditionally moulded into shapes like hearts, stars or circles.

Make your borstplaat using The Dutch Table’s recipe.

Marzipan and Almond Paste

Image via The Seaside Baker.

Marzipan and almond paste are staples during the festive season.

Add them to cakes or cookies or enjoy them on their own. Many Dutch bakeries shape their marzipan into animals like mice or pigs.

Try this simple recipe for homemade almond paste from Cakie’s HQ.


Image via Dawn Foods.

Taai-taai means tough-tough, these holiday cookies are pretty chewy. They don’t mince on flavour though!

Their taste is similar to pepernoten, as they are also traditionally made with aniseed and honey. Some bakers today use cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves in their recipes.

These cookies are often shaped like Saint Nicholas, gingerbread men, or stars.

Paris Perfect has the recipe.

This Sinterklaas season, indulgence in these delicious Dutch specialities! After all, what would the holidays be without sweet treats?

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