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Seven of the Most Instagrammable Places in Bonaire

by Stephanie Koathes Apr 15, 2019

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1000 Steps, Rincon, Bonaire

Bonaire’s full of unique and gorgeous places. We’re breaking down some of the most Instagrammable spots in Bonaire.

Wayaka 2 at Washington Slagbaai Park

Of the three beaches in the Wayaka area of the Washington Slagbaai National Park, Wayaka 2 is the most visited. Enter the beach by walking along the cacti strewn path from the parking lot or via a staircase. It’s a relatively small white sand beach, and you can walk straight into the water to snorkel.

Flamingo Sanctuary

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Many birds on Bonaire but our favourite is the Flamingo 💖 ☆☆☆ Species In The Spotlight ☆☆☆ Known as Chogogo in Papiamentu, the Caribbean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) is Bonaire’s national bird. You can regularly see flamingos foraging in Bonaire’s saliñas (salt marshes), it’s hard to miss their distinctive pink plumage, long legs, and honking calls. They flock to Bonaire by the thousands to feed on brine shrimp and algae- a diet rich in carotene that gives them their characteristic pink coloration. You may notice how they sway their curved beak over the surface of the marsh to filter feed. Bonaire is one of four major flamingo breeding sites in the Caribbean. On Bonaire, the flamingos breed exclusively in the Pekelmeer flamingo sanctuary in the south of the island, typically from January to July. The solar salt company Cargill manages the flamingo sanctuary, adjusting the water level within the sanctuary to ensure that it is optimal for breeding flamingos and making sure they are not disturbed. Upwards of 3,000 pairs of flamingos breed the sanctuary every year. The females lay a single white egg in a volcano-shaped nest built from mud. Once the breeding season is over, a portion of the colony flies to mainland Venezuela to feed in lagoons along the coast. Source: Stinapa For detailed information on Flamingos follow the link http://stinapabonaire.org/nature/flamingo-info/ Photo credit: Casper Douma #flamingo #chocogo #bonaire #flamingosofinstagram #birdsofthecaribbean #instabird #flamingoisland #birdsofinstagram #vacationrental #flamingostudios #bonairestudios #affordable #surfing #diving #kitesurfing #windsurfing #snorkling #hiking #beachlife #stinapa #wesharebonaire #ilovebonaire #wheresbonaire #saltpans #saliñas #exploringbonaire #bonairetourism #holidayrental #holidayrentals #dutchcaribbean

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Flamingoes are a protected species on Bonaire, and the Flamingo Sanctuary among the salt pans in the south are their playground. While admittance to the reserve area is prohibited, you can still get your Instagram shot as these bright coloured birds can be seen from the road. It’s said that Caribbean flamingoes have the most vibrant pink-hue because of their diet rich in alpha and beta carotenoid pigments from algae and insects.

Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire, the uninhabited island off the coast of Bonaire has one of our only true white sand beaches: No Name Beach. Snorkelling around Klien Bonaire is something special.

Salt Flats

Salt is a huge part of Bonaire’s economy. The salt pans on the southern end of the island are quite a site, with naturally pink-hued pools and massive mountains of shimmering white salt piled high. This Pekelmeer area is also home to the flamingo sanctuary.

White Slave

These huts were constructed in 1850, and served as camping facilities for slaves working in the salt ponds to collect and ship the salt. You can find slave huts in other parts of Bonaire, but white and pink hutson the road south past the salt pier, are the most famous. These huts remain an important part of Bonaire’s heritage.

Downton Kralendijk

The colourful buildings of Bonaire’s capital city Kralendijk , make a perfect background for beautiful pictures.

1000 Steps, Rincon

Even if you’re not up for the climb, standing at the bottom of 1000 Steps in Rincon will guarantee you a stunning Instagram photo. At the top of the steps, in this famous dive and snorkel site, you’ll find amazing views of the clear seawater.