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The Bonaire Bario Festivals: A New Cultural Experience

by Lou-Ann Jordan May 9, 2022

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After a suspension period due to the pandemic, we see a return to activities. Many of our old favourites will occur this year, but so will a few new ones.

Bonaireans take great pride in their barios, and what better way to acknowledge and share their heritage than with the new Bario Festivals. This year, the Bario Festivals have been added to Bonaire’s calendar of events. Each event will happen in one of the five historic barios and reflects a resurgence of cultural pride and reestablishment of ‘localised’ or neighbourhood identity.

On 2 April, the first of the five took place in Antriol at the Plaza Francisco Chiku Goeloe. Antriol’s was a truly spectacular event. One that engendered community among those in the district as all witnessed the first raising of the Antriol flag and performance of the bario’s hymn.

Four others are scheduled as the year progresses. In May, we will be treated to two on the 7 and 28 May 2022 at Rincon and Nikiboko, respectively. On 30 July, all can head to Tera Kòrá and then to Nort’i Saliña on 10 December. The festivities run from 5pm until 10pm. 

Each Bario Festival is a cultural exchange. The festival offers locals and visitors to Bonaire an excellent opportunity to experience new locations and local talent. Whether you’re from a different district or visiting the island, you’ll enjoy the hospitality of each bario. Additionally, you can partake in tasty local dishes while revelling in Bonaire’s distinctive music and dance.

If you’ve missed the first, you can catch those approaching. Whether with a group of friends or with family, the Barrio Festivals are a delightful addition to Bonaire’s local entertainment scene.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with InfoBonaire.

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