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Why Visit Curaçao This November? The Coral Estate Classic and Duo Xtreme MTB

by Lou-Ann Jordan Nov 13, 2023

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Findyello article on Curaçao's Coral Estate Classic and Duo Xtreme 2023 with images of mountain bikers on a dirt trail

When is it a good time to fly over to Curaçao? Anytime, really, but November is certainly one of the best times. One major reason is that during November, when other islands prepare to wind down, Curaçaoans live up to their reputation as one of the Five Caribbean Mountain Biking Escapes. They do so by offering their two most anticipated mountain bike (MTB) racing events: the Kärcher Coral Estate Classic and the Kärcher Duo Xtreme.

On 12 November 2023, cyclists will assemble for the first of the two, the Kärcher Coral Estate Classic, which begins at 7:30am.  With the course starting and ending at Coral Estate Resort, the riders will engage in a gruelling competition in which they traverse the Banda’bou hills and salt flats.

One week later, on 19 November 2023, riders again hit the trails for the highly anticipated Kärcher Duo Xtreme 2023. With varying categories, such as youths, females and mixed, the competing pairs will set off at 7:30 am. The duos can choose the 50- or 70-kilometre routes to compete. The course will begin and end at Playa Hunku, Porto Mari and involve killer climbs complemented by idyllic hilly scenery.

One of the top MTB races in the region, the Duo Xtreme is a huge draw, bringing top regional and international cyclists to the island. Its popularity is no surprise as riders typically enjoy the challenge of the route and the beauty of Curaçao. This year, Dutch champions, former cyclist Niki Terpstra and Soudal Quick-Step’s Fabio Jakobsen will be among the throng of riders.

Why not hop over on either weekend and cheer on the athletes competing in the Kärcher Coral Estate Classic 2023 and the Kärcher Duo Xtreme 2023? Both races are guaranteed to be entertaining.

You can visit the Curaçao Cycling Events website or Facebook page for more information or to register for either or both races.

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