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BVI Food Fete: Three Events to Look Forward To

by Maia Muttoo Nov 4, 2019

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Image via BVI Food Fete.

Launched in 2014, the BVI Food Fete was intended to highlight the BVI’s culinary scene and pinpoint the islands as a destination for food enthusiasts.

With exceptional culinary offerings and a unique island-hopping experience, it has now become one of the premier food festivals in the Caribbean.

Taking place throughout November, the festival hosts several events that are all worth bookmarking.

Here are three we’re looking forward to.

9 November: Taste of Tortola

Taste of Tortola takes place at Queen Elizabeth II Park. The outdoor event features food trucks, tasting tents and live entertainment including DJs and local bands.

There will be a food demonstration kitchen where the island’s best chefs will show you how to make favourite local and international dishes. Participating chefs include:

-Adrianne Calvo of Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Wine Bar.

-Chloe St-Cyr of Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina.

-Digby Stridiron of Braata.

-Kenneth Molyneaux of Tropical Fusion.

-Tonya Malone-Smith and Ariq Flax-Clarke of the National Culinary Team.

-Yannis Lloyd Alexander of Lady Sarah’s Farms.

Restaurants include:

-A Taste of India.

-Bells Café.

-Camdem Gourmet Market.

16 November: Cooper Island Rum Festival

Everyone knows rum is the Caribbean’s alcohol of choice. Enjoy a celebration of this well-loved liquor at the Cooper Island Rum Festival.

Hosted at the Cooper Island Beach Club, the event features discount speciality rum cocktails and rum-inspired food, coffee and ice cream. Promotions and prizes will also be up for grabs throughout the day.

The boozy afternoon runs from 12pm to 5pm.

30 November and 1 December: Anegada Lobster Festival

Seafood is a staple dish in the BVI and across the region. Lobster is the seafood of choice in Anegada, and their annual lobster festival never disappoints.

Explore the entire island as you dine on lobster dishes and sip delicious drinks. This well-attended event also features local musicians and fine artists, so that you can engage all your senses!

These are three of the mouthwatering events slated for 2019’s BVI Food Fete; there are many others planned!

For the full calendar, check out the organisation’s website.

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