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Even More Tips on How to Give Great Gifts this Christmas

by Maia Muttoo Dec 17, 2018

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The Christmas season is about the spirit of giving.

Here’s how you can give a gift they’re guaranteed to love.

Don’t break the bank

There’s no denying that expensive gifts are lovely to receive. But while your friend may be grateful, they may also feel obligated to buy you an equally pricey gift in return. Don’t risk building resentment, or a need to one-up each other’s presents every year. Instead, focus on buying thoughtful gifts over expensive ones.

Give an experience

Material ‘things’ can be cumbersome. Instead of buying perfume or socks, gift an experience they’ll never forget. For the culture-lover, get tickets to a theatre show. For the adrenaline-junkie, book a zip lining or bungee jumping experience. For the romantic, purchase a sunset sail for two on a catamaran.

Support their goals

Consider what goals or projects you can help your friend to achieve. Are they embarking on a home-improvement project? A gift certificate to a décor store might be appreciated. Are they trying to become more organised? Buy them a functional planner. For a budget-friendly option, offer them your manual labour, or any skills you have that could help them to reach their goal.

Gifts based on astrology

Not everyone identifies with an astrological sign, but it’s a great place to start if you’re not sure what to buy. For example, Sagittarians love travel, learning and adventure; get them a passport case, or lessons to learn a new skill. Meanwhile, Capricorns are hard-working individuals who like functionality; buy an accessory for their desk or a classic, utilitarian bag. Coveteur has ideas for every sign.

Include a thoughtful message

Unfortunately, handwritten messages are becoming a thing of the past. Add a heartwarming touch by writing a thoughtful note in a hand-picked card. Express how much their friendship means to you, give warm celebratory wishes, or explain why you hope they’ll love your gift.

Stalk Them

The social media age is great for gifting. Stalking your friend’s Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages can give you an idea of the things they like and dislike. Some people may even explicitly state what they want! Check if they have an Amazon wish list – that will definitely take the guesswork out of giving.


Is your friend committed to a social or environmental cause? Think about donating your time or money to their favourite charity instead of buying them a present. Find what they’re passionate about, and show them you care too.

It’s all in the presentation

Image via Eye Swoon

Half the fun of receiving gifts is unwrapping them. Take the time to wrap your gift, rather than just shoving it into a bag. Make it more aesthetic by using ribbon or flowers. For an eco-friendly option that’s still beautiful, try Japanese furoshiki cloth wrapping.

Happy gift giving!

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