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How to Liven Up Your Office Cubicle

by Maia Muttoo Sep 3, 2018

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According to research, the average person spends 1/3 of their life at work. For many of us, those 90,000 hours are spent at a grey cubicle desk under glaring fluorescent lights; not very conducive to comfort, or to inspiring productivity.

Make the work week a little less of a downer by perking up your space with these easy hacks.

Add Fun Yet Practical Accessories

Add personality to an otherwise bland desk by upgrading your office supplies with decorative push pins, metallic organisers or funky book-ends.

Embrace a Colour Scheme

Curating your cubicle style around a colour scheme can make your space feel instantly more aesthetically pleasing. Try selecting colours based on the energy you’d like to manifest. Do you have a tendency to be high-strung and stressed out? Opt for soft shades of blue or green. Fall into the 3pm sleepy slump every day? Look for accents in vibrant shades of red, yellow, or orange for vitality and energy.

Bring the Outside In

Add life to your space with greenery. Not only do plants purify the air and create more oxygen, research has revealed that workers are up to 15% more productive when their offices have indoor plants. It’s best to choose resilient, slow-growing options that require minimal sunlight and water. Consider succulents, snake plants, pothos and peace lilies.

Frame Your Inspiration

Don’t just stick up those family photographs with a push-pin or scotch tape; try framing them for a cleaner look. If your cubicle has walls, utilize vertical space by hanging frames to reduce clutter. And don’t just stop at family photos either – include art pieces or inspirational quotes that kick start your creativity and drive.

Incorporate a Reed Diffuser

While candles or incense are typically considered fire hazards, reed diffusers are a great way to combat stale office air or the lingering scent of your neighbour’s lunch. You can purchase them at your local home store in a variety of scents. The smell of lemon, lavender, peppermint and rosemary are all said to improve your mood and output.

Get Comfortable

Sitting in a generic office chair for eight hours is uncomfortable at best. Add a cushion, or if possible replace your chair altogether; more and more companies are embracing exercise ball chairs, which supposedly provide better ergonomics while improving posture and subtly working your abdominals.

You don’t have to dread going into the office. Instead, choose to make your work space a haven of productivity by personalising, beautifying, and adding comfort. Mondays will never be bleak again.

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