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Last Minute Entertaining: Six Essentials to Keep In Your Home

by Maia Muttoo May 13, 2019

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Are you planning a last-minute get-together? Do your friends like to show up unannounced? Be prepared for surprise visitors with this list of essentials to keep on hand for last-minute entertaining.


Music always sets the mood. Make playlists for different occasions: chill songs for informal gatherings, dance songs for high-energy parties, or family-friendly music for when your friends bring their children over too. You’ll establish the vibe with the click of a button. 


Even if you don’t always keep your bar fully stocked, having a bottle or two of wine on hand never goes amiss. One bottle of red and one of white should do the trick for most small gatherings. If you know that your friends and family have a different alcohol preference, you can also keep a bottle of whatever they like best in the kitchen.

Less-perishable snacks

Stock your pantry with less-perishable snacks that you can pull out for the unexpected company. Nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, olives and fancier crackers are all great options and don’t expire quickly. Choose snacks with a range of flavours and textures so you can suit different preferences.

Serving platters

When it comes to entertaining, it’s all in the presentation. Keep a few elegant serving platters in your cupboard; they make spreads of even the simplest snacks look more appealing.

Extra seating

Depending on your storage space, it’s nice to keep a few folding chairs or floor cushions in the home for additional seating. This way, you won’t panic if a few extra people show up to your games night or last-minute dinner.


Light a candle a few minutes before guests come over. Not only do candles create instant atmosphere, but they also freshen the air quickly and keep your home smelling nice.

Did your most recent last-minute gathering have you stressed out? No problem. Keep these essentials on hand, and the next time company shows up unexpectedly, you’ll be well prepared.

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