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O Tannenbaum!: A Simple Guide to Decorating Your Christmas Tree

by Maia Muttoo Nov 26, 2018

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As November comes to a close and we welcome December, it’s time to get started on Christmas décor.

What’s more integral to holiday decorating than a Christmas tree?  Whether you opt for a live pine tree or re-use last year’s faux evergreen, here are a few tips to help you decorate the most festive tree of all!

Lights First, Topper Last

The most important tip for first-time tree decorators is: lights first, topper last! Add lights before you do anything else; this will make it easier to make changes without tangling the wire. Start from the base and work your way around the tree to the top. Depending on the size of your tree, you may want to double up with two layers of lighting. Once you’ve done this, lay garland, then ornaments.  Finally, place your topper as the finishing touch.

Go Alternative

Image via Home and Fabulous

Red and green are tried and true, but why not experiment with alternative colour schemes this year? Monochrome, rainbow or ombré trees make a big statement and bring more personality to your holiday décor.

Play with Planters

Image via Dreamy Whites

An unsightly plastic planter can ruin an otherwise beautiful tree. Instead of going for the pre-packaged option, search for  unique ways to anchor your tree. A rustic wooden crate, a vintage wagon, or a repurposed wine barrel are much more aesthetically pleasing choices.

Go Au Naturel

Image via HGTV

Did you know that your local supermarket or backyard fruit tree can yield decorations? Dried orange slices bring in colour and texture, while cinnamon sticks waft a subtle scent that mimics seasonal treats.

Stay on Theme

Image via Randi Garrett Design

For a truly seamless look, coordinate. Wrap the gifts you’ll place under the tree according to its colour scheme. That way, you’ll keep the whole Christmas morning picture looking pretty!

Good luck decorating your tree, and Merry Christmas!

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