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Shop ’til You Drop – Six Tips on How to Prepare for Black Friday Sales

by Lou-Ann Jordan Nov 21, 2022

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Without a doubt, Thanksgiving Day is of great historical significance for Americans. Across the country, families commemorate the day while the rest of the world looks on. We look forward to the day that follows, Black Friday, and the onslaught of sales that ensues.

Interestingly, globally, many countries have acculturated to the practice. Slowly but surely, local businesses have begun offering Black Friday sales. Of course, as shoppers, many of us are excited about the wide range of local, regional and international shopping options, not to mention the fantastic deals.

As you get primed for this year’s Black Friday sales, we want to share a few tips to make the occasion worthwhile. Also, with the day drawing closer, it’s just enough time to ensure you prepare well.

So, read on as we share six tips to help you get your Black Friday shopping on!

Make a list. Making a list can help you curb impulsive buying. It’s alright if you have a long list. However, be prepared that you may not get a chance or have the money to buy everything in one go. That’s okay. You can systematically work through the list as time goes on. Once you’ve completed it, highlight the ‘most’ essential items.

Decide on a budget. You’ve created your list and selected the most critically needed items. Excellent! Now, decide on a budget. It’s easy to get excited by the deals and possibly overspend. To avoid doing so, decide on the maximum amount of money you’ll spend and stick to it. You’ll be tempted to pick up a few ‘unlisted’ items, but resist the urge, especially if you’re using your debit card.

Check your credit card. So, you’ve decided on a budget you’ll maintain. Now, check your credit card and clear outstanding charges. Alternatively, avoid using it if it’s close to the bill due date. Using your card at the beginning of the new billing cycle is always best. That way, you’ll have more time to make the payment and avoid paying interest charges. You may also consider pre-paying your credit card to ensure you don’t exceed your limit.

Look for local sales. As mentioned earlier, a growing number of businesses offer “Black Friday” sales to cash in on the revenue. Do scout for local deals before hopping online. You may find that purchasing some items is more feasible and less costly locally than overseas. Check their website or social media channels, as they will likely post ads there.

Get a local courier or shipping service. Numerous shipping services offer a US address to which you can have your purchases sent. Most postal offices provide the service, as well as other independent companies. Select one but pay close attention to annual and handling fees. Ultimately, you want to choose one that has competitive rates, is reliable and prompt. Another helpful feature is package consolidation which most shipping service companies facilitate at a cost. As you may be shopping from various sites, this will be very useful, so check to see if it is offered.

Account for late arrivals. Although you want a shipping service that offers fast delivery, your vendor impacts their efficiency. Remember, the volume of orders intensifies during sale periods, especially Black Friday. So, it is entirely likely your vendor may run out of stock or experience delays in shipping to your US mail address. We encourage you to be patient. Another option is to start perusing, checking reviews and filling your basket early, so you’re ready to ‘checkout’ when the sale begins.

As you embark on your Black Friday shopping escapade, we hope our tips prove helpful. Do enjoy the various deals that abound!