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Travel Tips: How to Pack More Efficiently For Your Next Vacation

by Maia Muttoo Apr 22, 2019

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We all look forward to vacation. Packing is another story.

If you have a tendency to over pack or struggle to organise your bag efficiently, this list of useful tips is for you.

Pack for your itinerary

Think about the activities you are planning to do on your trip. Will you be hitting the beach? Walking a lot? Visiting temples or shrines? Make sure you have appropriate attire for these activities. But, don’t over-do it! Double-up where possible: wear  comfortable hiking pants on the plane; re-purpose your beach sarong as a dinner shawl or scarf. 

Plan outfits ahead of time

Choosing your outfits ahead of time can help prevent over packing. Select versatile pieces that can be paired with others easily. Simple lines and solid, neutral colours are best. Shoes take up a lot of space, so select a pair that will work for many occasions: the same pair of dressier sandals can be worn for sightseeing or to dinner; sneakers can be worn for exploring the city or taking a day trip into the mountains. 

Use the rolling method

Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This method saves valuable suitcase space and makes it easier to see exactly what items you have without digging through a pile. You can also organise by type to quickly find shirts, pants or dresses respectively.

Know the rules

Educate yourself on airline rules before you pack. If you plan to travel with only a carry-on, you’ll need to know what size and weight are allowed. Liquids exceeding three ounces are not typically allowed on planes. Be sure to pack any smaller liquids in a plastic bag and separate them, so they’re easy to find when you’re going through security.

Wear bulky clothes on the plane

Going somewhere cold? Wear coats and boots on the plane to save space in your suitcase.

Leave a little room

If you plan to shop or bring back souvenirs, leave space in your suitcase. The rolling method should help with that!

Have a dedicated toiletries kit

Keep a dedicated bag of duplicate toiletries and medications that are exclusively for travel. That way, you’ll avoid forgetting to pack your essentials.

Packing is essential to your overall vacation experience. Try these tips for packing-made-easy! 

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