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Valentine’s Day on a Budget

by Kaylyn Bodden Feb 11, 2019

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Valentine’s Day can get pricey, considering things like flowers, chocolates, miscellaneous gifts, dinner and any other way you plan to spoil your sweetheart. If your budget is tight and you’re in need of some inexpensive ideas, look no further. Here is a list of ways you can say “I love you” without emptying your wallet.

Cook a meal

You can surprise your significant other by making a delicious, affordable meal that mimics a five star restaurant dinner. All you need are ambience, wine, candles, and a good recipe. Tip: make something you’re familiar with, add flavours that make your meal unique but stay true to a recipe so you’re not completely cooking blind.

Romantic walk on the beach

We are so blessed to be surrounded by a gorgeous backdrop that some people spend thousands of dollars to experience. Take advantage of our natural fairy-tale setting and go for a walk on the beach. Bring a blanket and some pillows, find a spot and watch the sunset. Star gaze and share things you love about each other.


Whether it’s on the beach, in a park, near a river, in the mountains or in your backyard, a picnic is always a fun idea. Skip the restaurants and select some edible delights that you know your partner loves, pack it all up in a basket and head to a quiet spot to enjoy each other’s company.

Sending notes throughout the day

Flowers can be expensive, and when nearing the heart holiday, it can be hard to get a hold of the flowers you want without spending a pretty penny. Break tradition, instead of flowers opt to send sincere hand written notes throughout the day to your loved one. They’ll appreciate the time and personal effort of the notes more than a couple of roses. Leave notes on his/her car, desk at work, their windows, their wallet/purse, phone, even tied to the cat’s collar – anywhere they always look; like a love scavenger hunt.

Be a tourist for the day

Depending on what day Valentine’s falls on, this could be tricky and may involve some pre-planning. If you don’t have to work, do a drive around your island, visit places you’ve never visited before, or haven’t in a long time. Do something you’ve never done before, or something that could be seen quite touristy. Though tourist attractions can get pricey, usually there is a cheaper rate for locals. It will be fun to relax and joke with one another while doing something totally out of the norm.

You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on wooing your lover for Valentine’s Day – all you need is some time and a little dose of creativity to make them feel special.