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A Mother’s Vision for Her Children’s Future with Melisha McField of Dreamchasers Cayman

by Chantel DaCosta May 1, 2022

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Melisha McField with her daughters

In honour of Mother’s Day, we asked Melisha McField, the artistic director and founder of dance company Dreamchasers Cayman, to share her vision of what she hopes for her children’s future and their future in the Cayman Islands.  

What is your vision or hope for your children’s future?

My vision and future for my daughters is to see them reach their full potential, to live their purpose, and to be happy with their chosen careers.

When I found out I was pregnant with twin daughters, I automatically knew that dance would be a part of their lives. Both their father and I are dancers. In their early years they naturally showed great potential in the fine arts. I know this sounds cliché, and other parents would say their kids are dancers, but I had great confidence in their ability.

I held back for years trying to not push my personal aspirations on them and because of what others might say or think. But now they’re at the age to form their own opinions and I’m happy they have expressed their appreciation for dance and the arts. 

Right now, I feel like the great “Richard Williams” who fought for his daughters to be the greatest tennis players of all time because he saw greatness in them. The only difference is that I have other “children” who I have mothered through dance and have cultivated their natural talent to the point of them being recognised internationally.

I won’t back down now or hold back. They are destined for greatness and as a mother I will ensure they get there!

Melisha McField’s daughters

What significant developments would you like to see in the Cayman Islands over the next five to 10 years that would make life better for your children?

There’s a lot of changes I would like to see happen in the next five to 10 years in Cayman for my children and others, however I would like to focus on the performing arts. I would like to see an emphasis on the performing arts from an early age, where young artists can develop their abilities through more enriched activities in the community and schools, or even get into a high school for the performing arts, with scholarships.

I received a government scholarship to pursue dance at college level. I would like to see that change happen at a high school level. There is so much talent here on our beautiful islands, but I feel that we focus on other activities more, such as football and track and field, rather than the performing arts, especially dance. Dance is just as important. Yes, a child can develop their creativity and express themselves, but dance is so much more than that. Dance is life, movement is life.

I would also like to see more consistent funding going into dance. Owning a dance company is difficult and I know others may or may not feel this way but it’s difficult to get funding when you ask. My daughters, along with three other incredible dancers, just got accepted to The Harlem School of Dance Summer Intensive in New York City.  This is huge for me as a mother, a dance educator, and a Caymanian.

Dance shouldn’t have to be supported when we step outside of Cayman for the community to see the greatness or the talent we have here. This change must come! The community sees the beauty in the choreography but never the grit, and sweat it takes to get there, emotionally and financially.

Thanks to Melisha for sharing her vision and hopes as a mother of two daughters.

For more from Dreamchasers Cayman, visit their website.

Happy Mother’s Day from the team at Yello!

Photos credits: Kimberli McField (kcmphotography) and Melisha McField