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A Mother’s Vision for Her Children’s Future with Tamara Ebanks, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of NCI Cayman

by Chantel DaCosta May 2, 2022

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Tamara Ebanks with her children. Photo by Julie Corsetti of Deep Blue Images

In honour of Mother’s Day, we asked Tamara Ebanks, the co-founder and managing partner of NCI and a mother of four, to share her vision for her children’s future and the significant developments she hopes to see to ensure a bright future for them in the Cayman Islands.

What is your vision or hope for your children’s future?

My hope is for them to always be the best version of themselves. Their best version is their individuality, value for self, and self-confidence to pursue and work hard to realise their goals. All while respecting the differences of others, upholding high moral standards and being good citizens.

I align with this hope by being present for them and giving them the support, love, and guidance that they need today, and as they continue to grow and become adults.

What significant developments would you like to see happen in the Cayman Islands within the next five to 10 years to make life better for your children?

When I became a mother, I became a mother of a nation. For my children, my children’s children, and for all the children and future generations of these Cayman Islands.

These are the developments I would like to see happen within the next five to 10 years (in no specific order), but which I believe will positively impact the lives of my children and all the children of the Cayman Islands.

1. A cultural enrichment initiative that is strategically planned and implemented to address the current and future social and economic impact of culture in our society. Most of everything that we do as a people is connected to our culture. Our behaviour, our education, our values, and our wellbeing are all connected to our culture.

Cultural enrichment enhances perspective and gives a competitive advantage. We must prepare our children for success by connecting them to an enriched and an evolved culture. This should be a country-wide, people and parent effort focused on the successes of current and future generations.

2. A balanced real estate development plan that considers and includes environmental, social, and economic impact.

3. An education system that supports textbook referencing from primary through secondary levels. An enhancement in the curriculum to promote in-depth teaching of the history of the Cayman Islands and its people. It would also be a great success to see a greater percentage of Caymanian children who become educators.

4. Invest in the development of a world-class vocational and technical training institute. This development will produce diversity in top tier talent that will adequately prepare our children to competitively seek employment opportunities.

5. Broaden the development of farming programmes to promote domestic sustainability and control in some of the cost for food products.

6. Revamp some immigration policies to reflect a balanced and unbiased influence on the socio-economic status in the Cayman Islands.

Thanks to Tamara for sharing her vision and hopes for the future.

Happy Mother’s Day from the team at Yello!