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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019: The Best Presents to Celebrate Dad This Year

by Maia Muttoo Jun 3, 2019

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Father’s Day is just around the corner.

Finding the perfect gift to make dad feel special can be challenging; if you’re struggling with what to get him, check out these great gift ideas.

A Monogrammed Wallet

Wallets are always a safe bet for Father’s Day gifts; they’re practical, so dads will get a lot of use out them. But, as a tried and true present, they can feel a bit impersonal.

This year, gift your dad with a fine leather piece that’s monogrammed with his name or initials. Not only will this add more visual interest, but it will also tailor-make the wallet just for him.

A Spa Day

Dads need pampering too. Treat your father to a spa day to help him unwind.

If he’s athletic, look for a spa that specialises in sports therapy massages; if he spends all day in the sun, a skincare treatment might be the trick; if he works on his feet, a pedicure might be appreciated.

If your father is picky about the kind of services he likes, get him a spa gift card so he can select his preferred treatment.

A Vintage Record Player

If your dad likes music, he probably gets nostalgic about the days of turntables and enjoying his Walkman.

Get him a vintage-style record player and a selection of records by his favourite artists so he can spend his special day revisiting the “good old days” of music. If he likes to create his own songs, gift him with an old-school turntable that he can mix his own tracks on.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

If your father is the sentimental type, he might like a scrapbook or memory box of your favourite memories together. Include photographs, messages, or items with special meaning to highlight how wonderful his years as a father have been.

If he likes gifts that are useful for everyday life, try customising a practical item with something meaningful. Engrave a money clip with a sweet message in your childhood handwriting, or have a t-shirt printed with a beloved photo of him and his children.

The Latest Tech

Help him stay up to date on the latest technology by upgrading his current systems. But don’t just spend your money on any fancy electronic, make sure it’s something that will support your dad’s hobbies.

If he enjoys staying active, the latest fitness tracker will make a great gift. Is your dad the cook in the family? Get him a new grill or sophisticated wine preservation system. If he likes on-command service, a virtual voice-operated home assistant might trill him.

This Father’s Day, celebrate your dad with a gift he’ll love. Whether he likes nostalgia, upgraded electronics, or just needs a day to relax, there’s something on our list for every dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

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