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Five Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

by Maia Muttoo Oct 21, 2019

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Got no costume to wear to that last-minute Halloween party? No problem.

Here are five cute and spooky costumes you can throw together in no time.


Image via Instagram.

The scarecrow is a staple Halloween character. Luckily, all this costume requires is a plaid shirt with jeans or overalls.

Finish off the look with makeup to create rosy cheeks, exaggerated eyelashes and a stitched-up smile. Add a straw hat for an extra touch.

Wednesday Addams

Image via Tumblr.

Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family makes a great go-to creepy costume.

All you need is a white collared shirt with a black long-sleeved dress and sheer black tights. Braid your hair into pigtails, and you’re Wednesday Addams!

1920s Flapper

Image via Pinterest.

To create a 1920s flapper look, pair a sparkly, fringed dress with a long pearl necklace, elbow-length gloves and fishnet tights. Put your hair into an updo and add a feather.

A dramatic smokey eye and a bold red lip will finish the look perfectly.

Pop Art Painting

Image via Pinterest.

Making yourself into a pop art character requires some technical skill with makeup, but fortunately, that’s all it requires! You’ll need white face paint to create the signature pop-art dots, plus bright red lipstick and a colourful eyeshadow for that cartoon vibrancy.

With a bold makeup look like this, you can keep your outfit fairly simple. Wear a 1950s inspired A-line dress or a colour-blocked blouse and skirt to match your bright makeup.

Black Cat

Image via Pinterest.

This may be the easiest costume of all. Grab a pair of cat ears from your local costume store, wear all-black, and create whiskers with black face paint or eyeliner.

Whether you’ve been invited to a last-minute party or just haven’t thought about your costume yet, these five options are easy to put together before Halloween weekend. 

Happy Halloween!

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