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Marketing Tricks To Win Merry Online Shoppers

by Yello Nov 27, 2018

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Christmas and New Year are right around the corner and online shoppers aren’t only ready to spend for the merriest season of the year, but they are also looking for the best places to get their dollars’ worth. This brings with it an opportunity for your business to heighten online marketing efforts to capitalize on seasonal spending.

Now is the time to strategize how your business will convert the anticipatory traffic into actual sales. To win more customers this holiday season and make your marketing a hero, here are five of Yello’s expert tricks to bloom this Christmas season. 


Spruce Up Your Website for the Holidays 

Let’s be real, most of us enjoy the comfort of online shopping, so why not make the experience even better for our very own customers and potential clients?   

The first impression lasts and your website may be the first point of online contact for your customers. If your website is unreceptive and outdated, chances are your visitors will head to another website offering similar products.  Now is the time to get your website updated in order to attract online shoppers looking for the perfect Christmas item or special service.   

Your website update should include mobile-friendliness and search engine optimized pages to enhance the mobile browsing and search user experience. A mobile-friendly website is one that should change its layout to one designed for easy reading on a mobile phone when it detects that the user is using a mobile phone. Search engine optimized pages simply mean that the pages on your website are equipped to give you maximum visibility on search engines. 


Embrace the Holiday Spirit Across Your Entire Brand 

We’re just approaching mid-November and we can already see decorated storefronts to usher in the season. The same trick works online. In addition to general website updates, giving your brand a makeover during the holiday season is a good way to stand out from your competitors.  It also says to your customers that you’re fully stocked with what they need and ready for the season. For social media why not drop a little Santa hat on your logo? Social media gives that creative freedom and now is the perfect opportunity to flex those creative muscles. 


Boost Awareness of Your Holiday Offerings from Early 

 Apart from adding a festive look to your social media pages, it’s important to run some early campaigns to make persons aware of any specials or promotions you are having for the Christmas period.  These campaigns don’t need to have big budgets, but a budget of USD $50 – $100 spread across a week can help you get the word out from early. As a result, prospective customers can make an early decision regarding their purchase from your business.   


Do Some Remarketing 

 This practice is valuable all year-round but can be quite helpful during the holiday season. Research shows that only 1 in every 10 persons purchases an item at the same time they add it to their online shopping cart. Most persons need to think a little more before they purchase. This is where remarketing steps in. Remarketing allows you to reach persons online with messages after they have visited your website. A classic example of remarketing is that pair of shoes in your Amazon cart that you see wherever you go online.  

 The most effective use of remarketing is to serve potential customers with ads that will help them to decide to purchase. You should never use the same messages that attracted prospects the first time, but rather new messages that will sell them on the other competitive advantages of your company or your product/service. There’s a lot to gain with remarketing if you can do it right and often it is a little cheaper than your initial ads.  


Hashtags Tell A Story & Build A Community 

 Once social media is a part of your holiday marketing strategy, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags to attract online shoppers to your holiday offer. Try to make your hashtags short and easy to remember and keep using the same hashtags throughout the holiday season. Hashtags help prospects to get gift ideas and to find out more about your products and services. To add, hashtags assist those who have purchased your products/services to get ideas of how to use them after the purchase and help to build a community of shoppers who may love your brand.  

 The Christmas season is a great time for business owners to close out the fiscal or calendar year on a high. Despite the heavy demands and highly competitive space, arming your business with brilliant holiday marketing tactics, optimizing customers’ experience, and increasing your visibility during the season will help you achieving your Christmas sales targets.  


By the way, if you need help with planning and executing your marketing strategy for the holidays, our Yello team is always willing to help. Click Here!