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Paying too Much for Gasoline? Here’s How to Save On Gas

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 1, 2023

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Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Owning a vehicle is a massive convenience. It affords you the freedom to get around, wherever that may be, on your own time. Of course, it also comes with expenses as you work to keep your vehicle in good condition. Whether it’s scheduled servicing, occasional part replacement, or lubricant top-ups, they are reasonable expenditures. But what about gas?

In recent times, gasoline prices have increased astronomically. For some, the money that once filled our tanks only gets the gauge to the halfway mark. This hike in price has left drivers looking for effective ways to save on gas.

While there are those of us for whom driving less is an option, it isn’t for everyone. Many people have no choice but to drive an hour or two to work, pick up and drop off their children at school, and participate in other activities. So, what do we do? If parking up your vehicle indefinitely is not an option, then we’ve got several tips that can prove helpful.

Here are six helpful tips on how to save on gas:

  1. Drive at a moderate speed. It goes without saying that the faster you drive, the more gas you utilise as your engine is forced to work harder. While we should not be speeding anyway, we now have added motivation to drive slower.
  2. Avoid sudden use of brakes. This point goes hand in hand with the first. Ease up on how often you need to hit your brakes. The best way to avoid this is by cruising.
  3. Stay away from heavy traffic. For some, this may seem impossible, but having an idea of when traffic builds up and leaving an hour or so earlier helps. Often, careful planning and greater discipline can help you avoid traffic.
  4. Ensure your vehicle is serviced regularly. Vehicle maintenance can go a long way toward helping you save on gas. With your engine well-tuned and running efficiently, it’s less likely to be overworked, thus requiring less fuel.
  5. Check your tyre pressure. Your tyres should be properly inflated. Use the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the correct pressure for your tyre, which helps fuel efficiency.
  6. Pay attention to your use of motor oil. In addition to using the right motor oil, as specified by the manufacturer, it’s equally important to do your scheduled oil changes. Also, CNBC advises that when purchasing motor oil, check for the American Petroleum Institute (API) performance symbol. It should state “Energy Conserving”. This notation indicates that friction-reducing additives are incorporated.    

While there is little we can do to stop the soaring gas prices, we can control our spending. Try these simple tips to cut back on how much you spend on gas.

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