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Tiny Interiors: Find Yello’s Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Small Space in the Cayman Islands

by Maia Muttoo Nov 26, 2018

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Small spaces don’t have to limit design. Here are five tips and tricks to maximise space, and the local businesses that can help you achieve your dream room.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Image via Freshome.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Hang one over your mantelpiece, or create a gallery wall of reflections.

Double Duty Storage

Image via House Beautiful.

Maximise space by choosing pieces that work double duty. Select a coffee table with hidden storage, a bed with drawers for its base, or a chic pull-out-couch that can accommodate sleepovers. Need a storage piece that’s functional and suits your unique space? Island Interiors can build the perfect custom furniture for your requirements.

Vertical Space

Image via Pinterest.

Keeping your floors clear of clutter can make your room feel drastically larger. Instead of displaying décor pieces on a side table that will take up horizontal space, make use of your walls. Install hanging shelves, or mount artwork and photographs. A.L. Thompson’s has the hardware and tools you need to get your installation done in no time.

White Walls

Image via Pinterest.

White walls reflect light and create an open, airy feeling. If you prefer colour, select a pale shade for a fun touch that won’t accentuate the room’s tiny dimensions. Kool Koteings can help you choose the perfect tones with their quality and affordable collection of Sherwin-Williams paint.

Flower Power

Image via The Flower Studio.

Curate your counter-spaces to reduce clutter. Instead of placing everything and anything on your side-board, add interest and colour with florals. Marksons Furniture and Windows has the best selection of faux-flowers on the island so your arrangement will stand the test of time.

Tiny dimensions shouldn’t stop you from transforming your house into a home. Make your vision a reality by following our tips and visiting the listed local businesses.

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