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Yello Cayman’s 2024 Directory Front Cover Star, Dan Ebanks

by Chantel DaCosta May 13, 2024

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Dan Ebanks Photo by Karen Tomczak

If you love contemporary pop, R&B music and live in the Cayman Islands, then you already know our cover star, Dan Ebanks.

Dan, a rising musical talent from the Cayman Islands chatted with Yello about his musical influences, what makes him a proud Caymanian and his songwriting process. Attributing his musical influences to the greats like Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs and renowned Caymanian guitarist Jonathan Ebanks, Dan is excited about his future in music.

He told Yello his memories of his early forays in music are when he was seven years old driving with his father, a tour bus driver, and listening to albums.

Dan who was initially reluctant to claim pop as his musical genre has now embraced the descriptor and considers himself a Caymanian pop, R&B and neo-soul singer/songwriter and musician. After years in the music business, he is thrilled by his progress and continues to love his profession, though he acknowledges there are aspects that are challenging. For example, he explained that stability is one of the most difficult elements of being a musician especially as one signed to a label and constantly travelling and working overseas.

He elaborated, stating, “I think the most difficult thing [about] the stability, and knowing that what you’re doing musically is, you know, financially supportive for you and balancing that with it being your passion, you know, not turning your passion into a job.”

He continues to fight to strike the balance, protecting his passion for music. Of course, there are moments that make the struggle worthwhile, such as opening for UB40 and Koffee at the Capella Festival in April 2023. It was undoubtedly his proudest moment and a career highlight!

Are you a fan of Dan or just getting to know his music? Well, with his recent signing to the Everheart Records label you can look out for his upcoming album. Also, check out the upcoming single, Come Around. When asked what made this song such a challenge, Dan who is a recovering alcoholic with eight years of sobriety, shared candidly that it was difficult to write because:

“When I wrote [it] brought back all the emotions and whatnot that I went through when I was trying to get sober and trying to stay sober. [Also] that was the toughest song, because to write something, it’s forever. When you release it, it’s forever. So, whether that’s gonna be on YouTube or wherever you put it, it’s someone’s, [and they’re] gonna hear your past, your message. So, it’s the most vulnerable state I’ve ever been in, so that was the most difficult song to write.”

We’re looking forward to Dan’s musical contributions as he continues to match catchy beats to soul-bearing and relatable lyrics that speak to our lived Caymanian experiences while attaining universal appeal.

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