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Yello Interviews Entrepreneur Angela Wood, Founder of Grocery Nest Cayman

by Chantel DaCosta Jun 28, 2021

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Soups by Grocery Nest Cayman

Entrepreneur Angela Wood started her exploration of the cleansing benefits of detoxing when she was only 17 years old. Since then, Angela has researched and refined her detox plans and founded Grocery Nest Cayman. Yello chatted with Angela about her interest in wellness, how Grocery Nest Cayman started and what she loves about the Cayman Islands.

Describe yourself in three words.

Committed, adventurer and creative. 

Tell us about your background.

I am passionate about nutrition and always curious about longevity via food intake. My story begins when I was 17 years old and got my first job as a hostess at the Wine Down restaurant (which no longer operates). During that time, I met the head chef by the name of Frank from New York City. He shared the story of his journey to detoxing after feeling ill from consuming carbs, meats, alcohol and various unhealthy food all his life. He conducted some research and created a detoxing meal plan that helped him live a more fulfilling, healthy life. I have always been interested in health, fitness and wellness. It only took the friendly voice of Frank’s advice and his own experience with the programme he created for me to try his detoxing meal plan for two weeks, and it was an absolutely life-changing experience for me.

I then made it my endeavour to further understand the way detoxing truly works and how it can help someone overcome many health issues and help the vital organs to cleanse themselves of the toxins by enabling the liver to function appropriately. During my detox journey, I also experienced weight loss, boosted energy, improved digestion, improved liver function, reduced body inflammation, mucus removal and my skin cleared up in a very organic and healthy way.

The amazing results I got from the programme triggered more curiosity, which propelled me to keep researching. I then turned to many books, articles and seminars on this topic and combined all this information to create what is now my personal detoxing plans.

Ever since, I have followed consistent daily routines and actions to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Juices by Grocery Nest Cayman

What is Grocery Nest Cayman?

We are a company that provides groceries and food cleaning programmes to help people detox. Grocery Nest Cayman was founded at the beginning of 2020 before the outbreak of the pandemic. It was made for everyone who wishes to enhance their health and crush their weight goals; combining our meal plans with a workout routine of at least 10 minutes, our clients will see the best results, as exercising is still the best way to combat weight loss and we recommend it.

Were you always interested in entrepreneurship?

Yes, I am very passionate about new ways of improving old systems or creating new things for the better of my community and our society.

What challenges did you face when you started your business? How did you overcome them?

Our challenges are mainly finding reliable staff. One way to overcome this issue is our story. We share who we are and the importance of what we do, most staff that remain are very interested in our mission and share our vision and are committed to providing people with the healthy meals we prepare.

Who are your clients? How do they find you?

Our clients are everyone; however, we usually get more corporate clients and fitness enthusiasts, also people heavy into work out routines and in line with healthy eating.

A meal by Grocery Nest Cayman

What plans do you have for Grocery Nest Cayman for the next 12 months?

To have a physical location to serve the meals and enable walk-in customers who wish to experience our products.

What advice would you give aspiring Caribbean entrepreneurs?

To always take the step as the beginning is always the hardest part, but once they get started things will fall in place as they create systems to improve the work.

Name three you love the most about the Cayman Islands.

The people, the safety, and its sustainability. 

What are your hobbies?

Reading, working out and meeting up with my girls to play board games.

What is your philosophy/approach in life?

To always take any challenges life brings face on and resolve them with honesty and integrity.


You can find out more Grocery Nest Cayman detox plans and other services by visiting their website. You can also connect with Angela and her team on Facebook and Instagram.