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Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him By Him

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 5, 2024

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Findyello Valentine's day article with tips for presents for men showing image of smiling couple holding hearts.

There is a perception that men aren’t into Valentine’s Day.

That may be true. The ‘day’ itself may mean little if anything to them, but feeling loved is welcomed by everyone, no matter the gender.

So, while Valentine’s Day may be just another day for some, it does present an occasion to stop and do a temperature check. In addition to assessing whether your loved one feels cared for and valued, you can also do something about it. You can put the special day to use, whether to reinforce or assure him of your affections. 

That said, what does your guy like, what makes him feel appreciated? While some men may enjoy dinner or colognes, others may fancy something less typical. Of course, we’re keeping it PG. We thought you might like to know, so we asked several men what V-Day gift would make them feel loved and cherished.

Review our list to see what they had to say about what men really want on Valentine’s Day. Now, we know everyone’s different, but you may find something your partner may appreciate receiving this Valentine’s Day.

Findyello Valentine's day article with tips for presents for men showing image of smiling couple with man opening present.

Here are five incredible Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Jewellery. Yes, guys like jewellery too and several possibilities were proffered by the men asked: a chain, wristwatch, ring or funky bracelet. In addition to gold and silver, local artisans handcraft stylish bracelets from leather, stone, and beads. Men bracelets are trendy, as are Smartwatches; your ‘bae’ may gladly welcome either. 

Sneakers. You couldn’t find a more practical gift than a pair of sneakers, and one that is more likely to be appreciated. Gifting your ‘other half’ sneakers is an excellent idea because you know he will use them. With so many brands out there, the only question is which one should you choose. We suggest you base your selection on the activities for which he’s most likely to use it. Whether hiking, cycling, running, the gym, or all-purpose, choose one that gives appropriate support.

Dinner. A dinner reservation at a lovely spot featuring delicious creations or a catered meal with his favourites would undoubtedly offer a break from the usual. Remember the age-old adage: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? The added treat would be for him to leave his wallet at home. Let him know you’ve got this.

Outdoor activity. Guys can be easy to please, and you can’t have a simpler option than an outdoor activity. You can plan a beach or river lime, a hike, a bicycle ride or a picnic in a secluded spot. We know these may be impractical for Valentine’s Day, so schedule it for the weekend. After all, love and appreciation should not be restricted to one day.

Spa treatment. You know the benefits of a good massage, so why not treat him to a massage with your massage therapist or osteopath? A good massage improves circulation, heightens energy levels and reduces heart rate and blood pressure. A massage may just be what your guy needs as it also soothes sore muscles and releases tension. Book him one, and he’ll love you for it!

We asked men, and that’s what they had to say. Those five things are what men say they want for Valentine’s Day. What is neat about our list is its versatility. You can refer to it for any occasion you wish to treat your guy to something special.

Here’s to a Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you!