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We’re Celebrate All Month Long – Curacao Carnival 2023

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 3, 2023

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It’s been said that Curaçao Carnival is one of the Caribbean’s longest-running carnival festivals. This year marked the 76th year of our colourful spectacle. Though the first-ever carnival occurred in 1901, our first street celebration occurred in 1947.

The festival has grown over the years, with growing interest among locals in the 1970s. Today, locals and visitors come together in merrymaking as we celebrate a festival that remains rooted in our cultural heritage. Our Tumba festival, Carnival Queen, Prince and Pancho competitions, and parades reflect our culture and allow visitors to experience our way of life.

This year, the almost month-long festival runs from 7 January to 25 February 2023. So far, participants have enjoyed a flurry of activities during January. In addition, to the local parties featuring our local dishes and music, there have been several national competitions.

For example, the Youth Carnival Music Tumba Festival took place on 14 January 2023. It was followed by elections of the annual Carnival Teen King and Queen, Carnival Queen, Prince and Pancho and the Carnival Youth Queen, Prince, and Pancho competitions. These occurred on the 20, 21 and 22 of January respectively.  

Yet, it doesn’t end there. The festivities continue as we step into February. This month, Gran Marcha will take place with masqueraders clad in an array of colourful costumes parading the streets. We will also have our Marcha di Despedida which signals the end of the carnival while building anticipation for next year’s. But, let’s not rush as there are several events to occur before we do our farewell march on 25 February.

Taken from Curaçao Carnival 2023

Here’s a list of Curaçao Carnival 2023 events taking place in February:

5 February 2023

  • Horses Parade

12 February 2023

  • Youth Carnival Parade

17 February 2023

  • Teeners Carnival Parade

18 February 2023

  • Carnival of the Bandabou region

19 February 2023

  • Main Carnival Parade

20 February 2023

  • Youth and Teener Farewell Parade

21 February 2023

  • Main Farewell Parade

25 February 2023

  • Closing celebration of Carnival season

Truly, the Curaçao Carnival is one your whole family can enjoy, from teeners to adults. For more information on the upcoming activities, visit the Curacao Karnaval website.