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Yello Juice Bar: The Berry Juice That Boosts Brain Power!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Apr 8, 2019

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It weighs three pounds, has approximately 100 billion neurons (15 times the human population), and over 100,000miles of blood vessels. And, it has the capacity to generate approximately 23 watts of power, that’s enough energy to power a light bulb.  What is it?  Your brain.

This incredible organ is arguably the most important organ in our bodies. It controls our actions, emotions, and houses and prompts our thoughts and memories. Basically, it is the home of all that essentially makes us human.  And, yet it is often so easily overlooked.

In this issue of Yello Juice Bar, we want to give our brains some much-needed care and attention.

There is a wide variety of foods that boost brain function and health.  Whole grains are great for reducing heart disease, and this is important because 20% of the blood flowing the heart is pumped to the brain.  Beans are a healthy and economical option.  Beans stabilise glucose, which the brain requires for fuel.

Additionally, oily fish such as salmon, sardine and herring are rich in omega-3 which is good for brain health. And, let’s not forget nuts and seeds. These are rich in vitamin E, of which high levels are said to aid in reducing cognitive degeneration.

Now, we’ll let you take care of your meals.  After all, this is Yello Juice Bar.  And, we’ve got the perfect recipe to help fire-up some brain activity.

Here’s a quick apple, berry and carrot (ABC) juice recipe to boost brain power.  Grab a blender, and get ready.  It’s as easy as ABC.

Brainy Berry Power

1 large apple

1 cup blueberries/blackberries

2 medium-sized carrots

1 teaspoon of peeled walnuts

Preparation: Peel, core and cut apples. Peel and halve carrots.   Add all ingredients to blender. Blend using water until smooth.  Straining is optional. Drink.

Stay tuned to Yello Juice Bar for our next delicious concoction.

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