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Five of the Best Caribbean Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

by Karen Rollins Feb 18, 2019

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When you’re looking for travel inspiration there are few better apps than Instagram.

Loaded with images from Anguilla to Zimbabwe, Instagram is also a source of information and insight from people who’ve managed to make travelling the world into a career.

Some of the leading travel Instagrammers are from the Caribbean and Yello has compiled a list of the top five.

Jet Set Sarah

Jet Set Sarah is a Jamaican travel writer who is currently based in Miami. A Caribbean travel expert, or ‘Carivangelist’ (Caribbean evangelist) as she calls it, Sarah spend most of her time traversing the region. She’s also a fitness fanatic and always finds time to fit in a run while providing her 13,000+ followers with insight into a destination’s culture, food, lifestyle and people.

The Island Life

The Island Life, managed by Haitian travel blogger Christina S, has the tagline: ‘Showing the Haiti I love, and some other places along the way!’ Christina’s aim is to encourage her 11,400+ followers to see a side of Haiti that is rarely broadcast in the mainstream media. Her photos demonstrate why Haiti is rapidly becoming a ‘must-see’ for Caribbean tourists.

Island Girl in Transit

The Island Girl in Transit is Trinibagonian traveller Aisha Sylvester. Aisha “lives to travel, loves to write and dabbles in amateur photography”. She has over 5,800 followers on her Instagram feed where she provides insight into her life as a travel junkie. Aisha also writes a blog (http://islandgirlintransit.com/) which features other female travellers from the Caribbean sharing their experiences and advice.

The Traveling Island Girl

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And then you find yourself in a jungle with magnificent trees and beautiful sing songs of the Coqui frog and the rustling of other creatures. These are the moments to live for, when you’re completely alone, one with nature 🍃 ============================= When I stayed at @millyspr, the best Airbnb lodging in the mountains of #PuertoRico if you ask me, little did I know that the one bedroom apartment I rented came with wonderdul mountain views, a heated pool and a hiking trail to the oldest tree on the property, affectionately called Elena after Milly’s great grandmother. Elena the tree is wise and is said to have magical healing powers. All I know is that spending 5 minutes in her presence felt like a big load was taken off my shoulders. I felt at peace with where I was, who I am and with whatever is yet to come. #tuesdaytravel

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Riselle, also known as The Traveling Island Girl, is from Curaçao but has been living in St. Maarten for over 17 years. She’s in her 40s and has recently rediscovered her passion for travel. Riselle documents her adventures across the Caribbean and the world for nearly 4,000 followers on Instagram. She’s even started a Traveling Girls Club for Caribbean women over 35 who want to spend more time exploring the islands while networking and making new friends.

Travel Bug Becks

Danielle Beckford is a Bajan lifestyle blogger currently living in Canada. She keeps her 1,500+ Instagram followers up-to-date on her travels and life in Toronto with regular photos and captions detailing the best places to explore, eat and shop. Danielle is always out and about and having fun and her feed demonstrates her passion for fashion and travel.

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