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Five Quick Facts About…Cholesterol 

by Karen Rollins Apr 29, 2019

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Cholesterol is a word that most people have heard but few of us really know what it is.

There are actually two types of cholesterol and they are both transported around the body in a protein-fat bubble called a lipoprotein.

Low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) are ‘bad’ because they take cholesterol to tissues and are linked to an increased risk of heart disease. High-density lipoproteins (HDLs) are ‘good’ because they carry excess cholesterol back to the liver, where it is processed and excreted.

Yello has found out five more facts about cholesterol which you may not have known.

– Cholesterol is a natural substance and two-thirds of it arises naturally from your body because it’s produced by your liver. The other third comes from animal food products like meat, dairy and eggs.

– The body needs cholesterol, which is a waxy, fat-like substance, to maintain healthy cells, produce vitamin D and make hormones, and it also helps the liver make the acids required to process fat. But you don’t need cholesterol from food for your body to perform these functions.

– Medicine isn’t the only way to reduce your cholesterol instead you could try adding cholesterol lowering foods to your diet such as oatmeal, bran; walnuts; almonds; and olive oil.

– Sweating is believed to play a role in raising good cholesterol so working out, especially at a medium-intensity with occasional bouts of high-intensity, can be beneficial.

– High cholesterol can be diagnosed with a blood test, but it can also show up on your body as reddish-yellowish bumps known as xanthomas which are usually found on joints, hands and the face.

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