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Five Things You Should Know About How to Deal with a Hangover

by Carolyn Lee Nov 6, 2023

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Five Things You Should Know About How to Deal with a Hangover

The social scene has several parties, events, and gatherings that allow us to relax, unwind and enjoy ourselves. Drinking while out with friends is typical since several options are available, including rums, beers, wines, and other alcohol-infused drinks.

Some people might over-indulge, resulting in a hangover. A hangover refers to unpleasant signs and symptoms that develop after drinking too much alcohol. Many of these symptoms occur the next day.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of a hangover?

Someone with a hangover may experience nausea, headaches, diarrhoea, and mood disturbances like anxiety, irritability, and depression. They may also have difficulty concentrating and experience shakiness, among other symptoms.

How long does a hangover last?

A hangover is uncomfortable, especially if you must work the next day or complete tasks. Frequent hangovers can affect your performance at work, quality of life, and personal relationships. A hangover can last up to 24 hours, but most go away on their own.

What can you use to treat a hangover?

Eating a heavy breakfast can help treat a hangover. Coffee, oatmeal, eggs, fresh fruits, green tea, protein shakes, and wholegrain toast are some nutritious foods and drinks you can try. Staying hydrated (water) and taking a pain reliever that does not have acetaminophen may also help. Acetaminophen can cause your body to metabolise alcohol more slowly. It may cause liver damage if taken in high doses. You can also go back to bed and rest.

What do you do if you have more severe symptoms?

Confusion, vomiting, seizures, hypothermia, and struggling to remain conscious may indicate alcohol poisoning. If you witness someone experiencing these symptoms, they should see a doctor immediately.

How do you prevent a hangover?

If you want to prevent a hangover, avoid drinking alcohol. You can also drink moderately. Moderate drinking for healthy adults is one drink for women (all ages) and men older than age 65. Healthy male adults aged 65 and younger can have two alcoholic beverages per day. Despite drinking moderately, some persons have a lower tolerance for alcohol and may experience a hangover after one drink. Alcohol is absorbed more quickly if your stomach is empty, so eat before and while drinking. Drink a full glass of water between drinks to stay hydrated.

We hope these tips help. Remember to drink responsibly and stay safe!

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