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Gym VS Hair: How to handle your hair after a workout

by Kaylyn Bodden Jul 3, 2017

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Do you love working out? Are your sessions in the gym totally ruining your hair? Are you tired of washing your hair, then blow-drying your hair after a gym session, only to go have another major sweat session the next day?

If you are sick of looking like a wet rat after a mid-day workout, or simply don’t have time for the full hair 100 after the gym and before your hot date, I can help you. Here are a few solutions to consider if you’re struggling will dull after-gym hair.

Dry shampoo – arguably a life saver, dry shampoo can bring your dull hair back to life. But as the bottle states, this product needs to be applied to dry hair. Spraying dry shampoo on wet hair will leave a cakey residue.

Gel – applying gel to your hair will do a good job of keeping it place, even during a sweaty workout. Make sure you look for a product that’s long-lasting and can hold during even your hardest workout.

Blow dryer – you want to keep your hair out of your face during your workout, so tying it back is always your best bet, but once you’ve finished, you can benefit from a blow dry. Keep the dryer on “cool” or “low” to lift grease and oil from your hair.

Put it up – you can’t go wrong with just tying it back. If you know you have an action packed week full of gym activities, cut your wash time down to two-three times a week. Studies show that washing your hair too often can take away natural, essential oils and leave your hair feeling drier and damaged. Don’t be afraid of washing your hair on your down time from the gym and embracing the messy bun.

It’s true what they say, you can’t have it all, so compromise with these tips, while you focus on building your strong, fit and healthy body.