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Hiking the Nature Island

by Maia Muttoo Sep 24, 2018

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Dominica is known as the nature island for a reason. From the Pitons, to Boiling Lake and Morne Diablotins, its stunning mountains and hills are popular with local and international adventure seekers of all levels. After the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria in 2017, trails are re-opening and offering a whole new experience of the altered landscape. Explore Dominica’s natural beauty with these climbs for beginner, intermediate and experienced hikers.


Emerald Pool

  • Emerald pool takes its name from the blue-green hue of its water. Surrounded by lush forest, the pool is perfect for swimming or relaxing and is located only 10 minutes off of the Roseau-Castle Bruce Road.

Jaco Flats

  • The three hour Jaco Flats trail takes you on a gentle course carved out by escaped slaves during the island’s colonial period. The course offers an easy route through the rivers and streams of the forest with one section rising onto a ridge above the water for great views.


Middleham Falls and Titou Gorge

  • Several local tour companies offer options that combine the stunning Middleham Falls and Titou Gorge. An hour and 30 minute hike through the Morne Piton National Park takes you to Middleham Falls, the island’s tallest waterfall at approximately 270 ft. A steep path levels off in the forest, with some slippery sections closer to the falls. Nearby, a five minute upstream swim through a fissure in the base of a mountain takes you to the waterfalls of Titou Gorge, a natural cave pool formed by cooled volcanic lava.

Boeri Lake

  • The misty Boeri Lake is the highest in the country at 2,850 ft. A 45 minute trail from Freshwater Lake through Montane forest takes you to this crater-lake, with spectacular views and Kalinago legends along the way.


Perdu Temps

  • Don’t be fooled by the gentle stroll that starts the six hour hike to Perdu Temps, it ascends to heights of 1,800 ft. at its highest point. The trail can be difficult to navigate, and hiring a guide is advised.

Boiling Lake

  • Trek up steep inclines and navigate wild terrain for three hours and you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of the world’s second largest boiling lake. A guide is recommended for this difficult climb, which has been made even more challenging by the advent of Hurricane Maria.

Whether you want a physical challenge, a beautiful view or a stroll in nature, Dominica has trails to suit every adventurer. This list is only the beginning – there’s so much more to discover in Dominica’s incredible environment.

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