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How to plan a stress-free family vacation: Five helpful tips for travelling with your kids

by Maia Muttoo Mar 18, 2019

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Going on a trip should be fun, but vacation planning can turn stressful when you’re managing the whole family. From sitting comfortably on the plane, to safety in a foreign country and remembering to pack medications, there can be a lot to consider when travelling with little ones.  

Here are five tips to make travelling with your kids all the fun and none of the worry.  

Pack the essentials, but don’t over-do it  

When travelling with children, it can be tempting to bring everything you can think of. But remember, you’ll have to carry it all through airports or lobbies, not to mention fitting it in the plane’s overhead bins. Pack the essentials like medication, diapers, and entertainment, but don’t overdo it. Before you pack all those bottles of baby food and milk, make sure you’re not over the maximum liquids to clear security.  

Fly at the right time and choose the right seat 

If possible, book flights early in the morning, these are less likely to be crowded. With more room to manoeuvre, you’ll feel less panicked trying to load in bags and get everyone seated. It’s also a good idea to schedule flights around bed-time so that your children are ready to sleep once they’re settled in on the plane.  

Book a kid-friendly hotel 

When selecting where you’ll stay on vacation, choose accommodation that suits your family. Not all hotels are made equal when it comes to family inclusion; some don’t even allow children! Before you book that retreat in the mountains, remember that you’ll be pushing that stroller or carrying that sleepy child up the hill every day. It’s worth checking with your hotel ahead of time to see what amenities they offer for children: pools, playgrounds or babysitting services may come in handy.  

Take your time and enjoy the journey 

Travelling with kids can be stressful, but remember to take it one step at a time. Plan well and enjoy yourself! At the end of the day, family trips are about making memories with those you love. Take it slow, take deep breaths, and have fun.  

Your next family vacation doesn’t have to be a headache; these simple tips will help you make the most of your trip with the kids.  

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