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These Tips Might Help with How to Deal with Feeling Stuck

by Carolyn Lee Jan 2, 2023

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These Tips Might Help with How to Deal with Feeling Stuck

The start of a new year typically signals setting goals and planning to accomplish them. However, some of us may experience feeling unmotivated or uninspired, resulting from burnout or fatigue from the year that has ended. If you are feeling stuck, we have some suggestions that might help.

What is feeling stuck?

Some people might describe feeling stuck as a deep desire to do something or anything to propel them out of routines that feel stagnant but lacking the motivation to do so. They might think nothing is good enough, not the right choice, or they cannot succeed if they try. This mental anguish can lead to self-disappointment for failing to act on goals.

What are some reasons related to feeling stuck?

Subconscious self-limitation: This creates insecurity about your abilities, self-worth, and potential (imposter syndrome). People unhappy with their relationships or career may unconsciously engage in self-sabotaging behaviour that creates obstacles to accomplishing their goals.

Burnout and cognitive overload: A loss of direction can result from dealing with life challenges or difficult situations, leading to overthinking. Also, burnout and insufficient rest can make people wonder what to do, where to get help, or how to deal with problems.

Unregulated mental health problems: Living with depression and anxiety can add to feeling stuck. Depression can cause feelings of hopelessness and a lack of joy, while an anxiety disorder can feel overwhelming at times.

Lack of resources or sufficient support: Sometimes loneliness or financial difficulties can cause people to feel stuck. Without a robust support system or access to the resources we need, feelings of being stuck can develop.

Resisting change: It can be tough to step outside our comfort zone and embrace change. However, spending time avoiding what is new might make it difficult to move forward.

How to deal with feeling stuck

Although it may be frustrating to feel stuck, there are several things you can do to create the changes you seek.

  • Identify and assess what’s causing the problem. Ask yourself what’s making you feel stuck. Then make intentional changes that improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Try ideas that allow you to learn new things and stimulate curiosity and discovery. Take the initiative to meet and interact with people who motivate and inspire you.
  • Seek professional support to manage mental health problems to regain motivation and purpose.
  • Become more aware of patterns with relationships and negative self-talk. Observe limiting thoughts so you can replace them by reaffirming your talents. Let go of relationships that create self-doubt, insecurity, and distractions.
  • Set attainable goals and release unrealistic expectations. Some things might not work out how you expect them to, but there are always opportunities to grow.

If feeling stuck is preventing you from functioning efficiently, you can seek assistance from a healthcare provider. Therapy and counselling are preventative mental health treatments that can help with depression, anxiety, and burnout.

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